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Top 3 Internet Music Providers

For a while, the only way that you could get your music offline was if you went to Yahoo music (or something akin to it). You rarely got to pick what songs you wanted to listen to and the songs took forever to load. However due to new sites like Pandora and Spotify, people have been able to listen to whatever they want to instantly. Pretty cool huh?


Pandora is a radio station that bases the songs it plays on stratified categories that you input at the very beginning, and as you use it. When you first enter the Pandora site you make an account, then the site asks you to input a song or artist that you like. Once you’ve done that, the site applies a music-based algorithm to find songs and artists that are similar to what you put in. As you go, you can choose whether or not you like the songs that Pandora plays for you. As you do so, the list of songs that the site will play for you narrows, and you get a list that better suits your taste.

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For those who are a little miffed that they can’t choose what songs they listen to, there are sites like Grooveshark. Grooveshark has an entire database of songs that it can tap into. Users make an account on the site, next they search for whatever song, or album, they want. The database often has several copies of one song, and you can choose from among them. When you receive your results, you can save those songs to a playlist (users create different playlists to go with different tastes). As you build your playlist, you can arrange the songs in whatever order you desire. Then, you listen to the songs whenever you want. It is a great site for those that know what they like and don’t feel like rolling the dice with the radio (or Pandora).


Spotify is a three-tiered music download service (that is completely legal). In order to use Spotify, you first have to download the service off the Web site. Once you’re on the web, you have three different choices of Spotify services. First, Spotify Free: if you want to download the service for free, to see if you like it, you have to get on a waiting list (by clicking Get Spotify you are automatically entered into the waiting list). Once your name comes up, Spotify Free sends you an invite (and you’re good to start from there). Second, Spotify Unlimited: This service is identical to Spotify Free, but there are no ads (and it only costs $4.99 a month). Third, Spotify Premium: this is the grand daddy! You can play all your downloads on your phone, play files on offline mode on your phone and computer (i.e. without wifi), better sound quality, access to exclusive content and you can play Spotify through your music systems at home (no computer required).

All these services sound pretty cool don’t they? Well, they’re all free! Yeah, free. So, why not sign up and see what it’s like to have all kinds of free, legal music at your fingertips.

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