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Top 10 Small Business Software Products, 2012

Looking to buy small business software and tools for your home office? Check out this ultimate list of the top ten most popular small business software packages in 2012.

Whether you’re looking for the best version of Microsoft office for your home or small business, anti-virus or network security, tax and payroll management software, small business servers to run your office systems, small business accounting, business productivity software tools, or even some great value added software packages for the office, you’ll find what you need in this SMB software top ten list.

Top ten small business software products

Where possible I’ve also included pricing information and alternative, high quality small business software products to allow you to budget and choose the right software for your business.

This list was created based on sales and reviews of each software product. The list also includes only one winner from each software product category – i.e. there’s only one accounting package, one office suite, etc, to give you the best complete overview of the software that’s on the market for small businesses.

1. QuickBooks Pro 2012

QuickBooks Pro 2012, available on at up to 48% off (depending on when you get there), is one of the best deals available for home office and small business accounting.

What QuickBooks Pro 2012 does
Small business accounts can be time consuming and difficult. QuickBooks Pro 2012takes the hassle out of accounts by providing tutorials and tips on everything from creating invoices to generating financial, tax and sales reports.

Basically, you can manage your business like a professional accountant with no accounting experience required.

Alternative accounting software products

There are a number of other small business accounting software packages available, including:

2. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Get up top $50 off Microsoft Windows 7 Professional– the latest, greatest version of the Windows operating system. Simplify day-to-day tasks and increase efficiency with improved features for work.

What Microsoft Windows 7 Professional does
The most popular operating system in the world gets faster, more efficient and easier to use from start to finish.

Vastly improved networking features make it easier to print, share, and connect to your home or business network with three click connections from wherever you are.

Alternative operating system software products

3. Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton Internet Security 2012provides complete protection for home or small business computers by identifying and stopping viruses, spyware and other malicious attacks before they can infect your PC.

Available at up to 70% off.

What Norton Internet Security 2012 does

Provides a layered protection system to protect your computer from malicious programs. Norton provides security in every aspect of your small business, from blocking or warning about malicious websites to firewall and anti-spam protection.

Avoid unnecessary setbacks by protecting your business today.

Alternative security software products

4. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium, Version 11

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium, Version 11is available at up to $108 off from Amazon. A bargain for anyone looking to save time and money by interacting with their PC using voice commands.

What Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium, Version 11does
Prefer to interact with your computer by voice? NaturallySpeaking allows spoken words to appear on screen up to three times faster than you can type, helping to improve your efficiency.

Simply installation and up to 99% accuracy out-of-the-box.

Alternative voice recognition software products

5. Adobe Acrobat X Professional

Adobe Acrobat X Professionalis available at up to 11% discount. An absolute must have for any small business that needs to create professional PDF documents. Especially if you’re going to need to build in audio, video and other rich media.

What Adobe Acrobat X Professional does
Combines professional level document creation capabilities with online storage and sharing capabilities. Combine a wide range of file types into PDF and present with easy-to-use layouts, themes, colors and branding.

If your business needs polished, professional communications, then you need to use the best PDF document creation software product available.

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Alternative document software products

6. Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010gives you the complete suite of office tools you need to operate your small business, including:

  • Word: business and content documents
  • Excel: spreadsheets and charts
  • Powerpoint: business presentations
  • OneNote: organize notes and business info
  • Outlook: email and calendar

What Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 does
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010is the world’s most popular package of office tools that empower you to manage the day-to-day running of your business. This version improves on the underlying file management system to bring you an easier, more polished and efficient Office experience.

Alternative office software products

7. Business Plan Pro Complete v 12

Business Plan Pro Complete v 12is available at up to 35% off. Take the strain and hassle out of creating a business plan by putting everything you need to know at your fingertips.

What Business Plan Pro Complete v 12 does

Planning, examples, and easy-to-follow instructions give you the confidence to tackle your business plan the right way.

Provides industry standard formatting and error checking to help eliminate necessary business plan foul ups. Thousands of real world industry profiles help you see exactly how other companies put their business plans together.

Alternative business plan software products

8. ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17 [Download]

ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17 [Download]is available at up to 35% off. Learn how to get the next job or contract by browsing thousands of career making sample resumes. Integrates with a variety of document formats (such as PDF, Word, HTML) to import important CV data from anywhere.

What ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 17 [Download] does
Provides a comprehensive suite of tools and functionality to create a professional resume, search for jobs and contracts, prepare for interviews and negotiate your salary.

Find the right job prospects using the advanced job search. Then, make a great first impression on any potential employer by using the step-by-step cover letter writing guide to engage, attract and convert hiring managers into fans.

Get your small business moving by landing the right contracts or jobs.

Alternative resume software products

9. Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012

Get Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012at an amazing $50 discount. Start and run your own business easily by creating any legal form or contracts your business needs.

What Quicken Legal Business Pro 2012 does

Over 100 legal business forms compliant with the latest laws in your state. Provides templates and forms that allow any small business to easily create binding legal contracts and agreements, hire employees and contractors, as well as other contracts.

Plus, plenty of helpful legal information, tips, tutorials and advice on every day business tasks, such as borrowing money, getting loans, minimizing tax, and much more.

Alternative legal software products

10. Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010is available at over 20% off. Map out your projects with a sophisticated set of diagramming tools and bring them to life with cool visuals an online sharing.

What Microsoft Visio Standard 2010does

Take complex ideas and business requirements and map them out with easy to use, professional diagramming tools. Get everyone reading off the same page faster by presenting easy to understanding workflows.

Plenty of templates combined with easy to use diagramming features allow you to create professional business diagrams faster than ever before. If you need to create professional diagrams for presentation or other business requirements, then you need to use Visio.

Alternative will maker software products

Small business software products ‘Honorable mentions

What software or tools do you use to operate your small business? Share your thoughts on the top ten software tools list and let me know what you would add and why. I’ll update this list with any new business software products that meet muster…

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