SXSW Interactive Awards To Take Place Tonight

It’s finally here: the South by Southwest Interactive Awards will be handed out in Austin tonight to wrap up the Interactive portion of the festival. For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been making my way through the list of SXSW Interactive Award finalists, writing about a few of the finalists from each category. In truth, they’re all doing really interesting things and I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t suggest that you take a look at that list on your own and check out all of the SXSWi nominees. Presented here is the full list of finalists (see the SXSW site for additional category details) with my picks for tonight’s winners. Feel free to add your input.


Lots of great sites and tools to promote and inspire activism here, but my pick is Pencils of Promise. It’s such an inspiring back story and it continues to promote and provide education for children who might not otherwise receive it.


Despite personal interests, I’d have to admit that everything on this list is pretty engaging. I’m somewhat torn in this category, so I’ll say that it’s between Breaking Bad: The Interrogation Interactive Graphic Novel and The Curfew.

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For this one, I’m sticking with Born Presents: 417 • 903 — although it is very closely followed by the Mural Explorer, which allows you to explore Philadelphia’s murals and their histories like a field trip from your computer.


My pick is with 9Threads because there are technically two ways they can be a winner here: they can win with their ‘Big Canvas Idea’ (which I think will be it, ultimately), or through their involvement with Diesel.


It occurs to me that there are a lot of tough calls when making SXSWi picks. This category is stacked with potential winners, too. They’re all really impressive. My first inclination is to go with Groupon, but then I wonder if its bad press after the Super Bowl will have any impact. I’d like to see PBS KIDS Video Player awarded, but ultimately my pick is… The Onion.


iFixit has built a clearly successful community to share information in order to save money and the planet. That’s my pick.

Educational Resource

ResIM’s LRCP Virtual Orientation still blows me away. Imagine how many fears it’s eased by thoroughly educating patients. It is, at least in my mind, the clear winner.


  • Isle of Tune
  • Look to the Moon
  • Memolane
  • Robyn/Killing Me
  • X

My pick is Memolane, which just went live last week. Very cool way to use social media and relive memories.


  • Attraction
  • The Autotopsy
  • Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy
  • The Social Network
  • Storming Juno Interactives

I think it’s safe to say that this is The Social Network‘s time. (Although The Autotopsy is my next choice, should that somehow fall through.)


  • Dexter ARG Kill Room
  • The Dream Cube
  • talk@TED
  • Teradata Partners “At the Moment”
  • Unilever – Smile Activated Vending Machine

My pick is with talk@TED, which, assisted by GE, allowed participants at TED 2010 to visit a kiosk and record their ideas or build upon others’, both at the conference and across the Web.


  • Airbnb iPhone App
  • AmpKit
  • Conspiracy for Good
  • Pageonce Bills
  • VIV Mag’s Interactive Motion Feature

I’m going with the Peavey AmpKit on this one. Very well-developed app that’s used by guitar players of all ranges of ability.

Motion Graphics

  • Animism: The Gods’ Lake
  • BioShock 2
  • The Fugitive Chronicles – Takeover
  • Record Tripping
  • The Test Tube

My gut instinct says BioShock 2.


I really like The Grammys: MusicIsLifeIsMusic for this one, although in a category as broad as Music, it’s hard to say.


These are all pretty impressive for personal sites, but my pick is JKVC Interactive & Print Design.

Social Media

This is another tough call for me. I think my number one pick is Pepsi Refresh Project. After that I’d go with either Team Coco or Guy at Home in His Underwear. Social Media is a pretty tough category to peg because there are so many great examples of it, including all of the ones in this category.


  • FeedSpeaker
  • Judy Campa – Portfolio Website
  • Now What, Argentina?
  • Project GuitARS
  • Reesenews

I like Reesenews for this one, followed closely by FeedSpeaker.

Technical Achievement

I’m going AP Timeline Reader all the way.

These, of course, are just my picks based on what I’ve seen of the finalists. Maybe you agree or maybe you totally disagree, and maybe I’ll have picked well, and maybe not. We’ll find out tonight! The ceremony gets under way at about 7 p.m. Central and will be emceed by comedian Chris Hardwick.

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