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Plastic Logic – A Flexible Screen, Is That Really Possible?

Plastic used to be hard and easily breakable. I can’t count all the times that plastic has snapped under my weight or too much pressure being applied to it.  Think about those plastic chairs in gardens, kids’ toys and even our gadgets in our homes. Too much pressure or an accidental forced bend would be followed by a snap or a crack and the item would have to be replaced. When it comes to kids toys this may not be too much of a problem, but if you’re talking about gadgets then it suddenly can cost you a fortune.

Plastic Logic - epaper flexible technology

This is why the idea of flexible plastic used in technology is so appealing. There would be no need to be concerned about expensive repairs simply because the item would be so much more robust.  You could relax about your tablet being in your bag as you moved around and the possibilities of how that technology could be used are endless.

Did You Know the Technology is Already Here?

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It appears that flexible plastic screens are the way of the future, even though many people have doubted that it would be possible.  I have recently heard about Plastic Logic, a firm that have already developed a flexible screen that can be used in devices such as smart phones, tablets and e-readers and I have to say that the future is right at our fingertips.   I have read some pretty incredible things about these screens and I think that their uses will become part of our lives whether we will be using them for work or for play.

The benefits of a flexible screen include:

  • The flexible screen is the same thickness as a sheet of paper, which is why it is often given the name epaper.  The screen can be moved with your own hands and will not snap or break. So you could essentially have an object that looks and feels the same as a newspaper in your hand yet it can be filled with as much information as you want thanks to the Internet and apps.
  • The ability to build transistors on a sheet of plastic thanks to the low temperature process involved means this technology could be used in objects such as ID tags, smart cards and even flexible sensor arrays.
  • Videos and text will not become distorted meaning that the screen could essentially replace the need for paper.  The plastic eliminates the need for glass displays and this opens up so many more windows for the replacement paper to be applied in all sorts of applications.

In a world where we like our gadgets to be small, lightweight and robust the plastic screen is the obvious way to move forward. With the ability to replace silicon chips in displays we could find that the way we view x-rays, read our newspapers and work is completely transformed.

Long Life Paper

The other benefit of using Plastic Logic’s screen technology is the fact that it is designed to be a long life product.  One investment will provide years of usage, which is great news for those who enjoy viewing their videos and data on bright screens. The clarity is thanks to the 150dpi resolution for black and white screens and 112dpi for the colour screens and this is being improved on all the time. This goes to show that the future of flexible plastic screens in technology is already upon us. It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities and how a flexible screen could help us to further advance in many fields.

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