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Is The iPad Mini Demand Failure The Beginning Of The End Of Apple’s Success?

Is the iPad Mini demand failure the beginning of the end of Apple’s success?

The WSJ did an interesting article on how even in China the iPad Mini still opened to anemic demand. See Link.

– The stock is dropping as investors realize Apple may be repeating its “high premium, high margins” mistake it once lost against Microsoft.
– Android is outselling Apple almost 2 to one in mobile phones and approaching in other segments.
– To compete Apple is moving into more variants of products with lower margins to avoid losing market share.
– Perception of quality is everything in maintaining high margins. Even I cant motivate myself to buy an iPad Mini terd and I make a living off of products for them. (I borrow a friends).

WHAT do YOU think? COULD this change Apples consumer perception and in the future less demand? Did Apples Armour just get pierced. The more products it offers the harder it is to maintain a high standard of quality throughout. Sony and all electronics manufactures have eventually found this to be true.

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  • “iPad mini demand failure”?

    What failure? The article you reference is all about scalpers trying to buy minis due to the demand in China and also mentions the Analasys Intnational report that the iPad has over 71% of tablets in China despite the enormous number of cheap Chinese tablet knockoffs available.

    Apple sold a record-breaking 3 million iPads in just 3 days at launch just recently – more tablets than Google or Amazon sold in 3 months of sales.

    I cannot fathom where you are coming from?

    • Ps. I should also have mentioned that the reason there weren’t the huge lines seen in the past was because Apple introduced an online reservation system to avoid exactly that scenario after the riots and violence at Chinese stores in the past as hordes of scalpers fought to buy as many as possible.

      Your attempt at minimizing Apple’s incredible dominance of the Chinese market (71% marketshare) is mind-boggling.

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