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How Cloud Accounting Can Benefit Your Small Business

Big and small businesses alike are beginning to reap the benefits of cloud accounting. In a cloud accounting system, business financial data is securely stored on a remote server so that it can be accessed by authorized users from any location. The benefits of cloud accounting for small businesses are particularly attractive.

Here are five reasons:

1. Cloud accounting is convenient. Authorized employees can access company financial data through any computer with an internet connection. This ease of access makes it possible for employees to work from home or take business trips without a drop in productivity.

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2. Cloud accounting offers financial savings. There are no hardware costs and no need to purchase expensive accounting software licenses for each machine in your workplace. The company hosting the cloud server absorbs the hardware costs, while you only have to pay a small fee to use the cloud accounting management software they provide. This can result in big savings for small businesses that often lack the capital to pay upfront for the latest hardware and software.

3. Cloud accounting is secure. Although security concerns cause many small business owners and managers to dismiss cloud accounting, it is actually a very safe way of handling sensitive financial data. Your company’s data is stored on a remote server that is protected by much better security systems than the average desktop computer you would otherwise use to store company information.

4. Cloud accounting makes it easy to monitor employee activity. Cloud accounting management software records details of all transactions, including information about the user who has entered the data. Users are not allowed to delete records, which means that you can see with 100% clarity what is going on in your organization.

5. Cloud accounting can improve company performance. By making it easy for all the people who are involved in managing the company’s accounts to connect with each other, no matter where they are based, cloud accounting software helps your business to strive towards clearly defined goals. When it is used in the right way, this technology can have a substantial positive impact on small business productivity.

In light of all these cloud financial management benefits, it is hardly surprising that small businesses are starting to embrace cloud accounting as a practical, secure and inexpensive way of managing company finances. Is it time for your business to join the cloud?

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  • As you say, it is hardly surprising that a large number of small businesses are turning to the cloud. From a survey we recently conducted the majority of small business owners who responded were already using cloud technology like Xero or Freeagent. Thos who have not yet embraced the cloud still cited security as the number one stumbling block though. You can view our survey here.

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