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Custom WordPress Menus

WordPress-Custom-MenuOne of the best things about WordPress is how simple it is to customize your site. With a little bit of knowledge, you can customize your site and make something pretty cool. Here’s a quick tutorial on making custom menus for WordPress.

A custom menu gives visitors a great experience by giving them an easy way to navigate around your site.

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to ‘Appearance’ and then select ‘Menu’.

Here, you will need to create a new menu by clicking the plus sign on the top of the middle section and then name your new menu. The menus should have a name that is unique enough for you to know what it is.

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From here, you can check all the pages and/or categories (yes you can use categories in your navigation menu) that you want in the site’s nav. Click ‘add to menu’ and the pages/categories selected will move to the menu box under the custom menu name.

You can then organzine the pages by dragging them to your preferred order. If you want pages to be subpages and appear as a subpage, simply slide them to the right and indent the bar. It’s really this easy.

Use the ‘Custom Link’ section of the Menu page if you want pages outside of WordPress to show up in your site’s navigation. Click add to menu and organize the same way you did to the pages etc.

The last thing you’ll need to do is tell WordPress which menu to use. In the example above this is done in the Theme Locations section of the menu page. Use the dropdown and select the menu you created (or whichever menu you need) and click save.

Check out your site and make sure the right menu is displaying and that’s it — you’re done.

Why use a WordPress custom menu?

I like using custom menus to both hide pages from the main navigation and also add pages that are really category archives. This practice help me serve up the most important information to my visitors and also easily display all the posts from one archive.

Try it out on your next WordPress for yourself. Let us know how you like to use custom menus by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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