Can Virtualization and Consolidation Efforts Really Deliver?

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about consolidating large numbers of systems onto fewer servers and virtualizing that infrastructure to expand data access to remote employees.

But is this really possible? How can this be done in an environment where there is barely enough room in the IT budget to keep the lights on?

Well, no one is saying it’s going to be easy. But after a worldwide study of midsize businesses, IDC analysts identified some best practices that can help you get the job done successfully.

Here are the top four tips for making the move to virtualization and consolidation:

  • Be honest in your self-assessment: Take a brutal appraisal of where your company really stands, where it wants to be, and how your goals can be achieved in the near- and long-term. Are you resisting upgrades that could make virtualization the natural next step? Is your IT department positioned to make such a change? Are executives supportive and receptive to the benefits of virtualization and consolidation?
  • Audit current IT capabilities: Reassess IT resources related to core infrastructure and applications support. Plus, invest in new solutions, especially those provided through knowledgeable sources that are familiar with your industry and its challenges.
  • Be prepared for ongoing refinement: The true benefit of virtualization and consolidation can be found in better coordination of resources. That’s where you can find the important cost savings and improved management dividends. And these are the advantages that can make future refinements pay for themselves in the long run.
  • Keep your eye on where you can make the greatest impact: At the end of the day, every executive wants to know if the business is capitalizing on new business opportunities in a cost-efficient manner. Of course, reducing costs is the initial draw to virtualization and consolidation. But the real game-changing benefit is giving the company what is needs to stay ahead of the competition and grow.

On the surface, consolidating IT resources and virtualizing infrastructure might seem like a straightforward exercise. But in reality, it’s a project similar to hoisting up a house to reinforce its foundation. It’s a challenging, yet delicate, process with high rewards. And if proper care is taken, it can set your company up for extraordinary competitive advantage.

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Read the IDC report “Increasing IT Infrastructure Performance in Midsized Firms Through Virtualization and Consolidation: Key Steps for Success(registration required).

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