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Can Cloud Computing Save Money?

A cloud computing strategy can absolutely save any company money, regardless of company size.

In fact, one of the beautiful things about cloud computing is that it provides flexibility for small businesses and allows access to capabilities that were once only accessible for a large company with a large budget. For large businesses, it provides scalability and accessibility in many locations.

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If you’re considering a cloud computing strategy and/or providing insights on the benefits of how it can save your company money, here are a few ideas to help support the money-saving concept.

1. Virtual Collaboration – Cloud-based programs offer the opportunities for employees to connect wherever and whenever they have an Internet connection. If a company has remote employees or uses outsourced services, the programs can provide a secure and virtual meeting place used for any purpose. This can replace the need for some on-site meetings, which can accrue expenses due to travel or other hospitality, and save the time sucked up for travel. Other cloud-based programs can provide an instant messaging service allowing information exchange to happen in mere moments and foster quick conversations. This increases ease and flexibility of doing business can result in responding to customer service and/or new business opportunities at a much quicker pace – and as we all know, time is money so quick pace = more money!

2. Flexibility with Company Growth – Because cloud services are multifunctional and can offer a slew of capabilities, companies can customize their cloud solution to meet their needs – and then adapt when necessary. For instance, if a company is small and has little data storage needs, they might only wish to consume 8MB of space. However, as the company grows and expands, the data storage needs can increase, and when that time comes, the cloud service can adapt and add storage space. There is no sense in carrying around all the extra storage space until it is needed and when exactly that may be, can be unknown. Another example includes company “busy seasons.” When most companies go through their busy season, they may need to increase capacity and bandwidth, but as they move out of their busy season, they need to scale back. The cloud can easily adjust and costs can be cut during the slower times, therefore increasing profit margins.

3. Lower IT Costs – Since cloud-computing software isn’t hardware, there are less expenses associated with the upkeep and updating of the programs. Updates are made to the service and time isn’t wasted downloading new software and figuring out how to install. Also, if there is an IT issue with the program or confusion about how to use a specific function, cloud services have exceptional customer service and IT consultants ready to help with any issue. This reduces the need for heavy on-site IT services and constant training.

There are many other cost-saving benefits for cloud computing. Has your company saved money by using the cloud?

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