Article: Mass Effect 3 Ending – What a Lot of Fuss

Yesterday the gaming universe exploded with talk of BioWare wanting to change the ending of Mass Effect 3. This came after waves of people feeling that BioWare had let the down and that the ending was rubbish.

I too got swept up in the moment and tweeted the following;

“I think BioWare should not change ME3 ending. Stick to your original creative destination. Let people moan! Don’t do a lucas…”

Only after that did I actually read the blog post from BioWare Co-Founder, Dr Ray Muzyka .  Having read this very well written letter to the players of Mass Effect 3, I have realised that at no point does he mention changing the ending of Mass Effect 3.  Let’s get that straight.  However, what he does say is this.

“the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey”

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Now, to me that looks like rather than wanting to change the ending(s), they want to explain and justify them to the users.

Should they have to?  What right as gamers do we have to demand that BioWare explain anything?  It is their game, it is their creative content.  I find it laughable that gamers of any type feel that the ending was wrong.  How can it be wrong if the people who wrote the story decided that that was the ending?  It is like telling Tolkien that Lord of The Rings didn’t end the right way or Dickens that he didn’t get the characterisation of Oliver quite right.

It is not unprecedented though.  Just look at Sherlock Holmes.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed him off and then had to bring him back after the public went into meltdown. I feel that BioWare should not cave into this kind of daft peer pressure.  They should stick to their guns.

So in hindsight I would like to change my original tweet.  It should have really read

“I think BioWare should not have to justify or explain the ME3 ending. Stick to your original creative destination. Let people moan! Don’t do a Doyle!”

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you agree or do you feel you deserve a new ending?  Or…. is it all a secret conspiracy to get you to talk about the game an buy the DLC?

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  • Naulidor says:

    I disagree completely with your opinion; Mass Effect franchise was a lot about hope and tolerance in all domains, what you tell above is an opposite of that: a dictature of a creator over his creation, … only do not forget that Bioware has already opened it more or less to the people, since previous ME games were done after their fans feedback… from the rumours that one can find over internet, the design process of the ending has suffered some complications apparently, for whatever those rumours are worth, it is not the first and not the last time that the project makes some fundamental errors in the most strained moments (just before publication that must be tough). Whether or not Bioware wants to keep the current endings, I believe that the people who have spent +100 hours of their lives to go inside the product of Bioware’s imagination deserve the explanation… the best it would be given by a game itself; I would imagine, that for Bioware, to go out from this with a face, they need to integrate their current ending in such a scheme that it is completed by some additional sequence or the existing endings are but one of the possibilities. For some parts it will be quite difficult (the infamous Normandy sequence), for others it might be easier… in any cases they should review the very basis of their ME franchise goal: is it a message of hope? Tolerance? Or rather of a hopelessness? Frankly I have somehow difficulty to understand why anyone would like to have only hopeless endings in a game, which is not a word “bittersweet” means used by Bioware developers.

    You see, there is also one other problem: I consider myself as some intelligent enough, yet I am unable to find any sense in the current endings, thinking and rethinking them back and forth. From the philosophical point of view the ending seems so incredible that unrealistic, so non existent.

    I have to find yet somebody that “likes” the current endings and is able to give some plausible explanation to them … without resort to the indoctrination theory. This last interpretation would be a very cruel joke on the players, Bioware’s own game world and characters. It would be even a cruel joke on the real life, since it is not what happens in the real life (look on Maghreb countries revolutions or the communist countries fall, even in the darkest times of human history there was always some home, there is none in ME3 ending, since the “Lost” like the ending with Normandy is not very hopeful)

  • Gary Twine says:

    Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but in this instance I think the writer of this article is being a tad naive. Bioware aren’t artists, they are designers. Yes, they create, but very specifically for pay. Their clients are the public. Yes, all designers strive to bring their vision to life, but not just for their own ego or need but also for the enjoyment of others or for a very specific reason. To get paid.

    Most designers usually start off with a design they are pretty happy with which is then shaped and whittled to further meet the client’s needs. The final result may not look exactly like the designer’s original vision but it most certainly should look like the client’s.

    That’s the whole point. What matters is the client is happy. Then the designer gets paid. Of course, game designers get paid before their clients actually see the final product. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t expect a certain amount of negative feedback which, depending on the amount, they may feel the need to act upon in their next game release.

    In the case of Mass Effect 3 and Bioware’s very loyal but very passionate fan base (and the amount of feedback regarding the ending) it’s something they feel needs addressing sooner via DLC instead of waiting 3 years until their next full Mass Effect game.

    Just because this doesn’t happen very often it doesn’t mean their isn’t a precedent for it (just look at Fallout 3). It’s just good business to keep the client happy. No happy client = no money.

  • Andrzej says:

    All valid points. I wrote the item based on the events of yesterday. Trust me I am naive about the games industry! I am fully aware it is all about money, however I can dream that it is about more can’t I? Either way, whatever they do there will be a group that are not happy. Change the ending, don’t change the ending – they can’t win really!

  • me3endingsux says:

    This is our game! Bioware would be nothing if it wasnt for us. Mass Effect is our story the just lay the blue prints down. All the M.E games are your story untill the last 10 mins of ME3. that tells me “fuck everything I did it dosnt matter the end” REALLY thats the end. My point is if you only make money off the people who buy your games, and thats the only way you afford your 10 bedroom house you better please us.

  • TJC2 says:

    The whole idea of Mass Effect is user driven story. You can be mean and kill everyone or you can try to help everyone. Look at Mass Effect 2 if you rush through the game a lot of your crew dies. In Mass Effect 1 you literally have to choose one of your squadmates to die, you can shoot one of your squadmates if he gets out of line. In Mass Effect 3 one would assume the same sort of things would occur, but they do not… In fact many of your decesions are completley invalidated by the Endings. Literally the first 2 major plot events that conclude Act 1 and Act 2 are meaningless based on the endings.

  • Radik says:

    I wish people would stop comparing an interactive video game, which was entirely designed to let player actions shape the game’s universe, to a book that has zero interaction. I hear all this talk about “artistic integrity”, but nobody bothers to look what the ending actually does and how it throws away everything the series stood for regarding player choice. We’re told to accept all the plotholes, lack of closure, lack of player choices, the use of a deus ex machina and the fact that the ending renders a lot of your actions throughout the game pointless. I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to accept an ending like that.

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