Why Solar Energy is Taking Off

Wind and Solar energy for path lighting, Daejeon, South KoreaSolar energy is becoming increasingly recognized as a viable solution for the energy challenges faced in the United States. Expanding solar energy capacity is important to the government, as well as to the individual people realizing the savings potential of this form of power. On October 12, 2012, the U.S. Department of the Interior issued a press release announcing that their plans for solar facilities on public lands is moving forward. More Americans are adopting solar than ever before, in part due to companies working to make solar power more affordable and accessible.

The high cost of starting up was an obstacle for many people who were interested in solar energy. Even though they knew that they would be saving a lot of money in energy costs, coming up with that lump sum investment for equipment was a challenge. Companies like Vivint remove that obstacle, by providing cost effective options that don’t require that same up front expense. That is because their customers don’t buy the equipment. Instead, they purchase the power it produces at a significantly lower cost than their traditional on the grid power company charges.

This innovative approach has allowed for a rapid expansion of solar power use. The equipment is installed and maintained free of cost, eliminating any worries or heavy up front costs. Companies like this are springing up throughout the nation. In California, for example, one of the fastest segments of the population to adopt solar power are senior citizen on limited incomes, according to a July 9, 2012, San Francisco Bay Review report. That is because of the steep energy cost saving potential and the easy access to solar equipment made possible by companies using a similar business model to Vivint.

Solar energy is taking off on all levels. The government recognizes the value of such clean energy options, particularly when compared to the pitfalls of oil dependency. People of all income levels are now able to take advantage of all that solar energy has to offer. This includes a significant reduction in the cost of energy because of the innovative ways that it is becoming more accessible. Green energy production is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Investors see this rapid expansion, as well, recognizing that there is money to be made. The solar energy industry is one that can expect to see strong growth for a long time to come.

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