UK Solar Energy Targets – How Are We Doing?

The United Kingdom doesn’t compare to other countries with similar climates and population when it comes to pushing solar panel technology.  But what exactly are the Government’s plans for solar energy and what are the targets in place?  Engensa knows how important of a role solar energy can play in the future of the United Kingdom’s renewable energy integration.  With thousands of satisfied customers, they have unrivaled experience of the industry and a passion for providing the country with a product rated highly on the government’s plans for future power resources.

By 2020, the government aim to have solar power installed in 7 million homes, which will add to the other targets of reducing the carbon emissions by 34% and making 15% of all energy consumer renewable.  The situation with the environment is at a crucial turning point and climate change is a global issue, where the United Kingdom need to set an extremely positive example to the rest of the world.  Which is why they are targeting all new build homes to be carbon neutral by 2016 and new commercial buildings to follow by 2019.  Solar energy is considered to be very important and ranks high on the government’s agenda for renewable energy targets.

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Ensuring 7 million homes has solar power by 2020 is no mean feat and will require a colossal combined effort. In order to achieve the targets in general, the government have put aside £30 billion to assist householders making the step to switching part of their power to renewable energy.  The introduction of the feed in tariff is a key improvement to solar energy, as it ensures that householders using solar energy and generating their own power be paid 36.6p/unit of electricity.  However, to get 7 million homes means that every year 690,000 houses a year must install solar energy and the tariff in place must become easier and more accessible to the population.

Solar energy is very accessible to the masses, and ranks high on the government’s agenda for the environment.  It will be tough to achieve the targets set, but the fact they are so ambitious is a sign that solar panels will become a common sight on houses across the United Kingdom.

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  • That’s great! There will finally be a large market for renewable energy resources such as solar energy.

    Our company has been trying to break into this vertical for a while but we haven’t had any luck in finding clients that want to market solar energy.

    Maybe we’ll turn our eyes to the UK for businesses that need lead generation services for their solar power energy company.

    • Hi Maxwell,

      Thanks for the comment! It does look like we are finally turning a corner over here.

      Plenty of opportunity for solar marketing in the near future…..

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