Going Green with a Halloween Twist in Your Restaurant

Going green is always a good way to help give back, and with Halloween approaching, it’s easier and more fun than ever to go green for Halloween. Most restaurants in America celebrate Halloween in one way or another, but this can often be a wasteful holiday. Because restaurants work with such a large number of customers unlike your typical household, it’s important restaurants also get into the green spirit.

There are several things you can do around Halloween that will help preserve the world for many Halloweens to come. Below are a few simple and fun ideas to get you started:

Top Ways to Stay Green This Halloween Season (And Prepare for Next)

  • Recycle Your Goody Bags – Get the kids in your restaurant involved in this fun project. Simply use an old pillow case and let the kids go crazy decorating it the way they want! Don’t buy the plastic throw away bags year after year. Using an old pillow-case that a child has decorated will last them for years, and it will become something special to them because it’s their artwork on it! This will also help these kids come back to your restaurant so they can use their bag once again, so it’s a double bonus.
  • Reuse Costumes – Don’t go out and buy your staff a new costume year after year. By using your imagination, you can use last years (or even the years before) costume and make it look brand new. For instance, if your restaurant had a witch theme last year, try turning that costume into a wizard. Embellish the witch’s hat to make it look wizardly, tie a bright colored sash around her waist, and glue jewels onto the black cloak, and voila, you are now a wizard! Your possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling your old costumes.
  • Use Homemade Decorations –Use old newspapers to create all sorts of fun creatures that can be hung up to blow in the wind, or taped to the front window. These decorations can be put away and used next year as well. You may want to buy a few decorations, but as long as you reuse them you’re doing your part.
  • Give out Apples – I know a lot of you may be thinking this isn’t the best idea, but think about it, apples do not come individually wrapped, like candy, which will save our landfills with all the paper from the candy. Plus kids get plenty of candy from other neighbors. Be the one to hand out the healthy snack. Kids can only eat so much candy, so they will appreciate places to eat healthy alternative (really!). When finished with their apples, their apple cores simply go into the compose pile and start feeding the earth.

In general, it is the restaurants that appeal to children that will want to really focus on staying green. Posh restaurants will usually have an easier time because it’s OK if the decorations are reused year after year. Whatever type of restaurant you own, however, it’s important to have a plan for the differently holidays and stick to it.

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Enjoy the holiday, and don’t eat too much candy!

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