Benefit Corporations and B Corps: The Latest Buzz #5

Benefit Corporations (a legal designation) and Certified B Corporations (a third-party certification) are changing the landscape of sustainable business. Here’s the latest from around the web about this important movement:

  • Forbes turned the spotlight to the rise of the charitable for-profit entity, examining “two new types of corporations [that] have been created to address the goals of making money, attracting private investors and addressing societal concerns: the benefit corporation and L3C.”
  • B CorporationThe Wall Street Journal noted “That anything other than maximizing shareholder value should be considered in a company’s decision-making normally can open the door to investor suits”… Benefit Corporations, however, are now changing that.
  • Why do companies choose to become Certified B Corps? Context Travel explains their reasons and the benefits of becoming a B Corp. Renewable Choice Energy also recently became a certified B Corp. On their blog, they share their experience getting certified as a B Corp.
  • “B Corps are about changing (or rather growing) corporate laws, standards, systems, and cultures” – and in doing so, they’re driving a new ecology of commerce.
  • B Corp Open Neighborhood is bringing idea of local communication to the digital age, with a unique social media platform, a free-wifi initiative, and a group purchasing program for solar energy. Learn more about Open Neighborhood on Care2.
  • Though the B Corp certification is not intended for non-profits, have you ever been curious about what B Lab’s own B report would look like? Wait no longer. In the spirit of transparency, B Lab has released its own B report, impact assessment, and supplier list.

Finally, the CBS Evening News ran this piece about Benefit Corporations that focus on giving back:

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What are your thoughts on the latest B Corp news?

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  • We have been following the progress of the Benefit Corporation movement at our small company which aspires to become one itself as we grow. There is so much opportunity to build social responsibility into business and often ways to create additional social sustainability value without additional cost or even at a lower cost (ex. where a less expensive socially responsible means of production, marketing, etc. is honored by customer base because of it being for the greater good). Continuing the growth of a culture where social responsibility is awarded will help businesses who live by these principles as more people will want to support them. We have initiated a public architectural/arts project to promote these values and serve as a fun example of combining business, pleasure, creativity, expression, education & philanthropy. If you would like to check it out, visit

  • Hi Mark,

    I agree with you that there are many opportunities to integrate social responsibility into business practices, and the companies that do so are the ones who will gain a competitive advantage – while also doing good! Your Square Inches of Love project looks quite interesting. Good luck with it!


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