What’s Trust Got To Do With It? In Business, It’s Everything

Trust. It’s one of the most important ingredients of a successful business formula, yet all too often it’s fleeting, rejected or forgotten. Without trust, all variations of business relationships – whether among colleagues or between businesses and clients – are ultimately doomed to fail. In the sales process, it’s especially pivotal. Trust must be earned, and once it’s lost it becomes extremely difficult to regain.

A key pillar of trust in a business context is nonverbal communication. Think of that firm handshake, the slight smile, a nod or a gesture during a presentation. It’s this type of nonverbal communication that truly gets your message across and allows for your personality to shine through. After all, actions speak louder than words, right?

Nonverbal communication is a tremendous factor in how an individual receives what he or she is presented. But the reality is that in today’s business environment, much of our daily interaction is virtual. For many, conference calls are a way of life.

Consumer-focused technologies are starting to find their way into the business world. FaceTime and Skype aren’t just for calling up dear old mom anymore. This is particularly valuable because in

traditional Web conferencing tools, webinars or conference calls, the all-important nonverbal communication is completely lost. The basic idea is that people will perceive the speaker to be more credible if they can actually see him or her. That’s why we’re seeing the development of technologies that can, for example, overlay a real-time video of the presenter onto a PowerPoint, image or any other desktop content. This way, your audience can actually see you, assuring that important non-verbal cues won’t be missed.

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As an old adage goes, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” That’s where nonverbal comes into play.

Eye contact, body language, voice quality and facial expressions all factor in to the equation when it comes to business communication. “Gestures go a long way in conveying your personal message,” writes Susan Adams in Forbes. Imagine the benefit of those you’re presenting to actually seeing your presentation and delivery. Not only will your presentation be more dynamic, but those you’re presenting to will be more engaged.

Our goal at Personify is to use nonverbal communication to put the trust back into business relationships. Look for ways to add nonverbal communication into your day-to-day business interactions to convey your trustworthiness to those you work with. Your business’ bottom line will thank you.

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