Uniting Acronyms with New Media

presentation_acronymsEven in the world of new media, acronyms play a role in business. Not to be confused with initials, acronyms can be a useful tool in communicating to audiences. So we at ESP/SurgeX thought we’d attempt to make an acronym for a blog post about acronyms. Hopefully you’ll find it useful. Enjoy.

An acronym is a “word formed from the initial letters in a phrase or series of words” and was

Coined in 1943. You’ve likely seen companies use them in publications and presentations.

Reading them in various professional materials has been common for decades. But are they useful to

Our marketing strategies today? Though some may say they are overused, and perhaps antiquated,

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Not many would say they’ve never been useful in communicating messages to consumers.

Yes, thinking “outside of the box” may mean sometimes excluding acronyms from our professional

Materials, but should we abandon their use entirely? Perhaps acronyms can help modern marketing

Strategies more than we realize.


At ESP/SurgeX, like many companies, we attempt to make marketing strategies that market in ways

Relevant to our consumers and their needs. And like most companies, choosing how to

Employ our strategies can be difficult to decide.


Utilizing various tools of communication has helped businesses develop strong marketing

Strategies that are worth paying attention to and remembering. And often, in order to

Engage consumers, a familiar tool such as acronyms can be helpful. After all, acronyms can be

Fully capable of getting messages across to audiences in memorable ways. Therefore, the

Use of acronyms ought not to be abandoned. That said, whatever tools you use, it’s important to

Look at your strategy as a whole, and decide for yourself whether to use this tool for your strategy.

ESP/SurgeX Asks:
Do acronyms play a role in your overall marketing strategy?

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