Television Advertising Thirty Eight Times More Emotionally Engaging Than Digital Advertising

Research conducted by Innerscope Research and Fox Broadcasting Company reveal something I already knew… television advertising is better at reaching people on an emotional level than digital advertising.

Perhaps because people still look at their computers, tablets and phones as being “impersonal” or “less personal” than television but it surely appears that people, aka consumers are much more likely to become emotionally engaged – always a good thing, after watching a television ad than an ad they see in the digital space.

Not long ago I penned This Just In… Television Advertising Is Not Dead where I told of the fact that “television still dominates global ad spending in 2011″ and other useful nuggets of information supporting my belief that television advertising is not dying nor will ever die as many digital-only devotees will have us believe. You know whom I refer to, the ones who have predicted the demise of TV for years and have proclaimed from the highest mountains that digital and digital only is the way of the future.

Um no…

Directly from the research:

  • TV, through its unmatched ability to create new, unconscious emotional connections, has the power to form need states — which make consumers receptive to brand messages — where none existed before.
  • Television ads across the spectrum of familiarity evoked thirty-eight times more emotional engagement, a combination of intensity of and time spent in engagement, than the same brands seen in online rich media display advertising.
  • TV’s heightened ability to engage and sustain unconscious emotional response confirmed it as the medium best able to create personal relevance and, therefore, brand equity.

Now, I realize that Fox broadcasting stands to benefit from such a study… I’m not a fool. At least I don’t think I am, my wife may have other ideas.

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But even Fox and Innerscope understand the need to integrate, to be integrated in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Taken directly from the press release announcing the findings of the research: “… the FOX-Innerscope study found that while online advertising required brand relevance to be established in order to be effective, the most effective advertising leverages common content and brand synergy across the two media.”

And the research itself bore this out as online ads for familiar brands seen on a FOX program website after on-air exposure to the program generated forty-eight times the emotional response and four times the lasting brand resonance than online display alone.

The bottom line in ALL of this is two fold.

1. Television and television advertising are not going anywhere. So stop with all the “TV is dead crap.” People watch television and people buy your products. Get the picture?

2. You can’t just rely on one medium to get your message across. Even if that one medium is digital with all its machinations. There has to be an integrated approach of offline and online to effectively reach your target audience.

Do you agree with my take that an integrated approach is the best way to go?

Do you think television advertising is dead?

What forms of advertising do you use?

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