How to be Successful in Business and Marketing

sucessfull marketingThere are a number of key principles to follow in order to become successful. Successful people dont quit. If they are held back by something, they recover and keep on going. Success depends on having high expectations for success. This way you can judge whether you have succeeded. Although you may not be 100% successful in whatever you do, your goal should be to do your best, learn from your experiences, and use this knowledge to do better in the future. It is helpful to write your goals and objectives down, so you can compare what you have accomplished with your expectations.

There are different time criteria for measuring success. Individuals and new companies may prefer to measure success on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, while an established company may want to use a quarter-to-quarter or year-to-year measurement system. Success involves trying to improve whatever you are currently doing. It is based on growing and developingand accepting bigger and bigger challenges.Since no one succeeds completely in anything, it is best to recognize that experiencing failure and losing are part of the game of lifejust as are success and winning.

There are certain traits which successful people share. These are the following:

Having a dream

Having a plan

Having certain knowledge or training

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Being willing to work hard

Not taking no for an answer

Additionally, successful people are ambitious and highly motivated to achieve. They are problem-solvers and risk-takers who understand the importance of making mistakes. They are focused, responsible, enthusiastic, extremely self-reliant, and able to work well with other people. Lastly, they have the necessary skills, talents and education.

Here are 8 principles to success.

1: Passion– Do what you love, not what’s financially lucrative. If you’re passionate, the money will follow.

2. Hard work – Put in the effort to succeed. Work hard but enjoy investing in yourself too. As media mogul Rupert Murdoch explains, “Nothing comes easily. But I have fun.”

3. Proficiency – To succeed, you must excel at what you do. No magic formula exists for becoming proficient. Instead, you must “practice, practice, practice.”

4. Focus – Don’t dabble in different interests or shift your priorities. Select the one thing that matters most to you and stay centered on your objective.

5. Drive – Push yourself, even if you’re shy or have self-doubts.  Successful people experience insecurity, too. Yet they push through it.

6. Desire to serve – Do you want to become the world’s next millionaire? Then instead of focusing on your own needs, concentrate on providing something of value to others. That is how millionaires are made. Cultivate a service mentality.

7. Ideas – Generating a bright idea will bring you success.  As with proficiency, there’s no magic formula for creativity. The simple components of the creative process are “listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solve and make connections.”

8. Persistence – Pick yourself up after each failure and try again. Success requires diligence. Thus, you must persist even when you confront obstacles, such as “criticism, rejection,” obnoxious people and “pressure.”

Are they the same for Marketing success?

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  • To be successful is not easy. You really need to start on the lowest level. And you’re right about the 8 principles- passion, hard work, proficiency, focus, drive, desire to serve, ideas, and persistence. One should be armed whether going to war or going to work, there’s no difference.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Good to see that you also recognise the fact that majority of the startup entrepreneurs lack the skills required to run a successful business. But, to be really honest, running a business is not the driver for any of the entrepreneurs to start the business in the first place. What we’ve researched is that majority, if not all, entrepreneurs start a business because they have a strong PASSION which comes across as a vision, a drive to achieve goals, deliver benefit to others, hard work and more…

    We have been researching and refining a niche business concept to support such entrepreneurs who have the passion to do the business but not necessarily the business skills. You can keep an eye on

    I welcome your feedback or comments.

  • Indeed, passion is what keeps everything going. Without that drive you’ll never have persistence and hard work for that job. :)

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