How Strong Company Cultures Increase Productivity, Passion and Profit

The Upward Spiral Company Culture

Ask not what you can do for your company. Ask what your company can do for you.

In the past few years, discussions of company culture have multiplied across start-ups in Silicon Valley, trusted businesses in Boston, and several other areas around the world. Some people think company culture can be confused with perks in the office, creating confusion and toxicity in the workplace. Some people think cultures can’t be created, that they’re a product of how leaders inspire their customers and employees. Still others argue that company culture affects traditional business metrics positively, resulting in revenue growth, employment growth, net income growth, etc.

At AG Salesworks, we agree with all of these statements. Company culture isn’t your bowling events, free food, or company foosball tournaments; it’s your leaders’ visions, values and ideals and how they influence and inspire employees to be the best they can.

A strong company culture impassions employees to become better employees and ultimately better people

A strong company culture inspires employees to be more productive because they realize they love what they do and with whom they work.

A strong company culture increases profit because employees, customers and stockholders are all benefiting equally.

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It’s an upward spiral.

CEO Paul Alves wrote about the phenomenon in his new eBook, “The Upward Spiral: How Company Culture Increases Productivity, Passion and Profit.” The eBook gives advice for how to cultivate a strong, positive culture, how business leaders can communicate to employees their values and ideals so it trickles through the office walls.  Paul wrote about his own observations as the co-owner of AG Salesworks, a company committed to a strong company culture and the importance of a culture not only for the happiness of everyone involved, but for a business’s success.

As someone who helped Paul research the many views on company culture, I am very excited to see this eBook go live. There are so many great parts, including case studies of Paul’s inspirations including Zappos, Netflix and HubSpot, internal interviews with AG’s own employees, and even an interactive portion, a quiz to test if your company is on the right track towards a positive culture. What’s even better is that it looks absolutely beautiful, as graphic designer Niki Hinkle worked on the design.

In this 13 page eBook, you will find:

  • A brief history of company culture, which started with the Cadbury corporation in Britain in the late 1800s
  • How we define what culture is and what culture is not
  • Quotes from thought leaders Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Tony Hsieh (Zappos), George Cadbury (Cadbury) and more
  • A list of values leaders of a strong company culture might exhibit
  • A QUIZ to help you benchmark the success of your own company culture
  • An appendix with AG employees’ interviews about company culture

Download the eBook for free today, and let us know what you think. Does your office have a strong company culture? As a leader, how do you exhibit your values and inspire employees? Comment below or find us on Twitter or Facebook and leave a short review!

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