Stressed? 5 Tips to Increase Positivity at Work

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, we’ve all been there – in a rut.

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The first step to overcoming a slump is to acknowledge it, and also recognize that it’s normal and happens to everyone. Next, and most importantly, you must realize that the only person with the power to change your attitude and feelings is yourself.

So, how do you climb out of that rut, increase your positivity at work, and stay on a motivated, productive track? I was recently discussing this topic with a very insightful and smart friend of mine. He explained to me that once you start letting negative thoughts get into your head, they can become consuming and lead you into a downward spiral. However, if you focus on the best possible outcome and picture yourself doing well, that spiral will turn around and bring you up.

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Here are some tips for snapping out of it, staying focused, and maintaining both productivity and positivity at work:

  • Don’t let the negative thoughts in. I understand, it’s harder than it sounds. However, the more anxious or worried you become, the more mental energy you are spending on something negative rather than focusing on the positives. If you have a stressful job which piles on the pressure and you just can’t help but worry about it – that’s okay, but use certain strategies to manage this.
  • Impose a negativity time limit: It’s fine if you need to worry about something, but it should not be on your mind all day or for very long at all. Set aside 15 minutes per day to let yourself worry. But don’t just leave it at that. Figure out what the true issue is you are feeling anxious about and what the worst possible outcome could be (when you really think about it, chances are it probably isn’t that bad). Distinguish what is getting in your way of solving the issue causing the stress. Once the 15 minutes is up, that’s it! You’re back to happy thoughts.
  • Anticipate positive outcomes: You will be much more inclined to see them happen. Remember psych 101? Don’t forget about the self-fulfilling prophecy – if you picture yourself failing you likely will, but if you picture yourself succeeding, you will get there.
  • Get the rest of your life together: If everything else in your life is balanced it will become so much easier to keep a positive attitude about work. In my first sales job out of college, my boss was constantly telling me, “You can only control the controllables,” and that is true for everything. There are plenty of aspects of life that are out of your control, but once you take ownership over the pieces you are able to control you will feel much more grounded and fulfilled. Make time for things that will make you feel good, whether that is spending time with family, hitting the gym, or reading something interesting.
  • Sleep: Get some sleep! You will always feel better with a good night’s sleep!

Aren’t you feeling more positive already?? Keep it up and you will reap thebenefits of having an upbeat attitude.

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