Software Leads – Path To The Business Gods?

It is becoming increasingly common among software marketers to treat their software leads as if they were gods. The best example would be the rising movement among marketers to place focus solely on the customer. Marketing materials center on their experience and use lead generation tools so as to learn (and satisfy) more needs.

But Are Software Leads Truly Divine?

Software Leads, ERP Software Leads, Lead GenerationThe approach almost sounds too good, too ideal, to be true right? Well, yes.

There is a strong difference between valuing your customer and treating them as if they were omnipotent. No matter how many large or famous businesses you have on among your sales leads, they are anything but that.

  • They would have no real needs – If they were so divine, you would have little to offer them. They would come to you more out of a mere whim and less out of a dire need. The latter is what you should look for in your software leads, not the former. Otherwise, how can you possibly be of service to those who supposedly have all the power to serve themselves?
  • They are not all so kind – Even across both mythology and popular fiction, not all gods are good. You have gods of death, mischief, war etc. In fact, even the so-called ‘good’ gods are prone to make questionable demands. If you insist on glorifying your software leads to that level, you should at least know that they are no different. They are not immune to making costly mistakes and even very bad practices.
  • They are not immortal – The business leaders and decision makers you are meeting will not always be there. Sure, presuming the possibility of their death is drastic, absurd, and frankly not very nice. However, nobody said that was the only thing that can knock them off your list of ERP software leads. Positions change. Some get promoted, others move on elsewhere. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.”
  • They do not have complete dominion – Whether you are targeting those all the way at the top or somewhere around the middle, note that not all decision makers have complete control. Reasons range from it not being their responsibility to insisting that they have greater concerns. Do not fool yourself in thinking that one decision maker’s viewpoint is all you need!

Clearly, with all those limitations, your software leads are not paths that will let you meet with deities. They are still people. These people might be brilliant, prestigious, and wealthy. But in the end, they have problems too and your industry would not be around if they did not.

Ironically, that is exactly what it means to focus on customer experience. You are not just out to make money. You are out to make great contributions to the business success of others. To do that, you need to focus on their human side. This is the side vulnerable to obstacles and creates needs for your support. Get your lead generation services to adopt this perspective today!

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