Mom’s Marketing Lessons

Matt Heinz recently wrote an interesting article about marketing from a family perspective. It seems that we were educated earlier than we had thought. It was one of those subliminal message techniques from Mom to make sure that whatever market niche we chose, we were bound to out-sell and out-know our colleagues. If you ask Chris Abraham, he may believe differently, but there are a few lessons that we can take away.

Watch your language was probably my favorite. We’re not talking profanities or slang, but the ability to know your audience and choose the words to express your goals wisely. We’re operating in an age where the Curse of Knowledge is close at hand so it’s crucial to simplify your thoughts so that every demographic will comprehend. The same goes for writing brand strategies, a process that tends to seem far more tedious if you’re using overly-formal corporate lingo. Write material so that you enjoy it; so that it’s engaging and entertaining and leaves your audience with bold and basic ideas.

When I was your age was not one of my favorites. The corporate ladder has been over stressed and detracts from a positive and productive workplace. There should absolutely be a level of respect, especially for those who have put in the hours and shown results; However, I don’t think that’s quite what Mom meant. Marketing and social media platforms maintain an ever-changing evolution and it’s important to go with the flow and embrace change and continuity. The “oldies but goodies” are “oldies but goodies” for a reason, but they need to be open to the idea of change.

Use your manners, be good, don’t talk with your mouth full all endure as life lessons that can be interpreted however you please. Be polite to your clients, make wise choices, let them get a word in edgewise…Eat your vegetables? Not so much. Heinz discusses the hard-work aspect of marketing, how it’s not always glamorous but darn-it, those vegetables make us healthy(/better marketers).

Marketing isn’t always glamorous. To get good at what we do requires a lot of hard work. Long hours. Sometimes tedious, repetitive work that isn’t our first choice, but quite frankly is how the sausage is often made. We may not like all the vegetables, but they make us big and strong. They give us the energy to do what we do. As we grow in our careers, the glamorous, strategic work is always more fun. But the hard work, the tedious work, the grinding, that’s what ultimately translates most consistently into success.

I think that if we’re going with a food metaphor marketing tends to be a nice rounded meal. We’ve got the good, the bad and the ugly and if you endure, only then do you get a delicious dessert. In the spirit of Mothers everywhere, those of marketers and those not, we thank you for these life-long lessons and the different ways that they can be read.

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