Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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“A man… a man stand’s alone at the plate. This is the time for what??? For individual achievement. There he stands alone. But in the field… what? Part of a team! Looks, throws, catches, hustles; part of ONE BIG TEAM!” These are lines from one of my favorite movies, “The Untouchables”. This is the scene where Robert DeNiro as Al Capone is stressing the importance of teamwork to his crew. He goes on to emphasize that if the team doesn’t win, then none of the individual players win, no matter how good you are.

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There has been a lot of conversation lately around the issue of generational camaraderie in the work place. Millennials, Gen X and even Baby Boomers seem to be challenged with how well we all work together. I read a great post the other day from one of my favorite Millennial Leaders entitled “An Open Letter to Gen X & Baby Boomers: Can’t We All Get Along” This along with other conversations I’ve had left me compelled to share the words of Mr. Capone from above.

Diversity comes in many forms and without practicing Inclusion, then we don’t benefit from the value of Diversity. The generational diversity that exists across Millennials, Gen X and Boomers is of tremendous value for all of us. We see things differently, we hear things differently and we do things differently. It is through those differences that we birth innovation.

We must all remember that we are on the same team and share the same goals. It all starts with taking the time to understand the mindset, attitude, influencers and drivers of one another. We have to embrace the diversity of today’s workplace and be more inclusive. This has to be done to the degree where it is a natural part of the organization’s culture and not just a policy that’s followed.

Millennials, please understand that experience is still and will always be the best teacher. There is a lot to be learned from Gen X and Boomers. Gen X, don’t treat Millennials like they are coming after your job, embrace them and groom them on how to take over your job – that’s how you advance. Boomers, technology is second nature to Millennials and is a part of how they live, work and play – accept their tech lessons and offer them life lessons. Just remember guys, we’re not here to hold each other back; we’re here to have each other’s backs.

“If the team doesn’t win, then none of us win.” ~ Tru Pettigrew

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