Maximizing Outsourcing Relationships

A lot of businesses have begun looking for the help of outsourcing companies for their processes since the 70s. Since then, it has progressively moved its way into the hearts of companies from different industries – manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, research and more. Today, it’s possible that more than half of the number of total companies have outsourcing partners. Furthermore, some of these companies can actually attest that establishing a relationship with an outsourcing company can be advantageous since they’ve already outsourced or currently outsourcing a function from their company processes.

Although outsourcing has become popular among companies, only some of them essentially maximize the relationship they have with their outsourcing partner. Here are some tips on how a company can bring out the best in an outsourcing relationship:

  1. Maintain a clear communication line: A company must be able to uphold a clear communication line with its solutions provider. Since it is very possible that the BPO company will be based in another country and both parties will be in a different time zone, it may pose challenges in keeping the communication lines clear. It won’t be very much difficult to cope with these challenges considering the fact that there’s already advanced technology. It is also suggested for a company and its outsourcing partner to decide on a time that will be both convenient to both sides.
  2. State your expectations firsthand: Most outsourcing projects only run for a short span of time but the amount of work to be completed can be sometimes overwhelming. This is the reason why it is significant for a client to be able to provide their partner standards for their expectations from the project and a deadline. Failure to do this may cut short the outsourced project, which would be really problematic for both parties involved. Considering this, the client should be very keen and excellent in choosing a BPO company that has the capability to meet and exceed your expectations. Doing it right the first time will save you a lot of time and resources.
  3. Be Hands-On: The client must still be aware of what’s happening with project, especially with the recruitment process and the status of the overall project. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to ask for periodic updates to make the outsourcing project successful. Even though a company had already found a reliable outsourcing company that can keep the client in the loop all the time, it’s still best (as a client) to become hands-on constantly.

Have you outsourced a business function recently? What were your strategies in maintaining your outsourcing relationship with your provider?

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