How To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain

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Handle Brain Pickers

Dealing with friends and family that want to pick our brain and share their ideas is one of the headaches of being in marketing.

I just saw this fun video from Marie Forleo on this topic and thought it was incredibly helpful!

Here’s some great tips on dealing with this question:

“I’m starting to make a name for myself and my friends and strangers are coming out of the woodwork asking if they can pick my brain or bounce ideas off me or grab a coffee to ask me about my business and share their ideas.

First of all, I feel like they should buy my product — a training program that would answer most of their questions, but I don’t want to seem money hungry or super ‘salesy’ with my friends.

Second, I’m busy building and running my own business and I don’t have the time to spare. I’m not sure how to deal with this so I’ve just been ignoring all the requests and feeling guilty. What do I say to all the people who want to grab a coffee or pick my brain?”

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Want more from Marie, be sure to check out her blog!

Three Scripts That You Can Use:

#1 The “Spice Girl Script”

“My work schedule is full, so coffee is not doable these days. Are you interested in becoming a client, or do you just have a quick question.”

#2 “Pay Me Motherhumpa”

”I’m not available for lunch, but you should really consider getting my _____. It’s all of my best thinking in one place, and I created it to help people in your exact situation.”

Or, If you don’t have a product or program

”I don’t have time to grab coffee unless we’re doing it as an official business meeting. And my charge for consultation, if you’re game is ____.”

#3 Blame It On Mama

“I have a rule, if I don’t have time to see my mother, I don’t have time to meet new people for coffee. And right now, I owe my mama a visit. But seriously, I’m sure we’d have a blast and I hope you’re not insulted, but my work schedule is packed and I’ve got to pass.”

Have you ever had friends or family that became a drain on your time and energy through wanting to pick your brain?

One of the new tools I’m using is “Clarity” which makes it easier for site visitors to book a consulting call.

How did you handle it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  • how about: you’re getting paid, your boss is collecting a paycheck—why not me? am I not valued? my time/effort has 0 value. Pay me, or bye bye. Gas ain’t free. Dig it.

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