How To Improve A Lagging Inside Sales Team

In any lead generation campaign, the success in generating B2B leads basically rests on your inside sales teams. If you look at related literature, articles, and lead generation reviews, you will know that the skills of your people will determine whether your business will clinch that business deal or not. And if your team is lagging behind in productivity, rather than getting mad and saying this is unacceptable, you should take a closer look into it. There might be some factors that are affecting performance. If you are the sales manager, owner, or the client using such a service, you also need to know how to improve the performance of your team. And below are some ways to do it:

Know what the problem is – you already know that the success rate of your appointment setting campaign is going down, what you need to do is to identify the reasons for it to be like that. You cannot really come up with a business solution if you have no idea what the problem was in the first place.

Check your team’s cooperation – there is a reason why your inside sales team works as a team: better productivity. No one can do multiple tasks on his own. Everyone needs to cooperate in order to get the desired results. Sometimes, frictions within the team can result in lower performance. When that happens, you need to check what needs to be done. Dealing with it as early as possible, ironing out differences and issues, can mean a great deal for your team.

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See what is amiss in your team – it could be a myriad of factors, like malfunctioning equipment, a bad calling list, poor coordination with other departments, and many others. Knowing what these are will help you make the necessary changes and adjustments needed by your team. After all, you need more sales leads coming your way. You cannot afford hindrances to it.

Look at their differing tactics – is the entire team using a process that causes problems, or are there some that employ a process different from the others? If you are the sales manager, your job is to examine their methods. Change it if you have to, and if you find that someone has a good idea, you should encourage that everyone follows it as well.

Recognize success – nothing can be even more energizing than by having your achievements recognized by the big brass. Praise those who have achieved something, probably a good sale, kudos from a happy client, or maybe a perfect attendance record. Raising the morale of your team can make a huge difference in your business performance.

Productivity can go up and down in inside sales, you should keep that in mind. It may not be your team’s fault, since this can be a seasonal campaign. The best you can do is to keep a sharp eye on these variable factors and make the necessary adjustments in the course of your business campaign.

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  • There are some good points in this article, but in a B2B environment, the marketing department is tasked with developing inquiries and leads–not inside sales. Their skill set is selling not generating interest. Appointment setting is typically found in the B2C environment. If inside sales is setting appointments then they’re not selling, they’re marketing. If you need more sales inquiries and leads coming your way, have marketing develop additional year-around is not a seasonal activity.

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