How To: Getting Ready to Outsource

In the business world, everything must start with a plan. You cannot just begin with an idea, go over it for a few days, discuss it with the minority of people you know, and execute it afterwards. Even the top entrepreneurs of today surely did some intense planning before building up their companies. And even if some didn’t do it at all but still succeeded, it’s probably still an outcome of a plan – plus innovation, technology, and creativity.

The same goes with outsourcing; it cannot occur overnight or as soon as you think it can. There are a lot of outsourcing companies today that are already established and trusted as a business partner. There are a lot of them that already hold prestige and credibility in their hands. There are a lot of them that a company won’t probably find it hard to look for one outsourcing partner that they would prefer whenever it decides to subcontract one or two specific functions.

If you’re planning to outsource, the first question to ask shouldn’t be: What’s the best outsourcing company?

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Rather: Is my company ready to do it?


There are a lot of ways to answer it. One is to seek a company, or even just someone you know, who already partnered with a BPO company and ask how they successfully prepared and started with it. Ask about the steps on how they did it. You can also seek for an advice and learn the major factors that drive success to an outsourcing project – this would really help especially if it’s your first time to outsource. Another way to do it is to go through a deep research or study; Google will definitely be your friend in this case. I personally suggest you go for the news and blogs. Look for success stories of those companies that started small and grew because of the help of outsourcing. Additionally, you can also raise a question about getting ready on outsourcing to a consultant.

Outsourcing Insider published an article about the things you should consider before outsourcing and your budget is definitely included in the list.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are really a lot of ways to know if you’re ready to outsource. One of the factors to look at being ready with outsourcing is having a complete understanding and appreciation of the cultural differences inherent with outsourcing. Whether you’ll do it onshore or offshore, such differences will become present since you’re going to deal with a third-party here. Evaluate your company’s status with free readiness assessment tools available online and see whether you need to add or improve strategies which you have already been doing. You can also create your own checklist regarding this.

If you ensure that your company is now ready to outsource, take the necessary step – look for the best BPO company that you can trust and partner with.

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