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Flipping the Calendar: Looking Back and Looking Ahead


Flipping the Calendar: Looking Back and Looking Ahead image 300px Partyhat2

Happy New Year!

2011 is gone, soon to be a distant memory that we view in the rear view mirror. And 2012 is just getting underway. This is the time many of us take to reflect on the year behind and look forward and set our goals and plan our strategies for the year ahead. Some of us make resolutions, while others just move on and roll with the punches.

I’ve never really been one for resolutions but this year I am looking at 2012 with a lot of anticipation. I have a good feeling about the upcoming year, and I’m shifting gears, tweaking my business model, and planning for good things.

I’m going to grab 2012 by the horns and make it my year. How about you?

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And that’s the topic of this week’s video, along with an homage to some of the greatest musical minds of this generation.


How was 2011 for you? And what are your plans and goals for 2012? Is it going to be your year?

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