Create Online Success: Integrate

I found this great infographic yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you looking to create online success.

As we recently saw with Google’s massive Penguin update, “cheating” doesn’t pay online. To create online success, you have to play by the rules and work smart — so quit trying to scam the system with link sharing, black hat SEO, and fake social media shares. Google’s on to you.

Creating online success relies on creating great products, providing great customer service, and ensuring customer value. There, now you know the secret to create online success. Want more strategies to create online success? Here they are:

  • Create great content
  • Share it ubiquitously in social media
  • Build a strong community of engaged followers
  • Reward sharing by your community
  • Fix customer problems immediately — don’t hide them; own them
  • Be nice, be polite, be human
  • Be consistent
  • And, do it EVERY DAY

Create Online Success: Integrate

Create Success Online

But, to create success online you need more than isolated tools — you need to integrate them.

This infographic points to different types of social media that can help your business –

  • social networks
  • location-based applications
  • social deal sites, like Groupon
  • more traditional advertising tools like banner ads

You could also talk about integrating truly traditional advertising tools, including broadcast TV and radio, cable TV, or even newspaper ads.

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To create online success you need to combine these elements — integrating them using a common logo and color scheme, common messaging modified to fit what works best in the particular medium, and a single voice (preferably an authentic, human voice). Each medium has its own advantages, its own quirks, and its own users. Integrating across media provides different implementations of the same message that reaches users multiple times.

So, take a look at the infographic and the case studies showing best practices for each tactic. Let me know what you think. Have these tools helped create online success for your business? What other tactics do you find effective in creating online success? Please share.

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