Black Friday – Lesson to Companies

Lessons for Marketers - Black FridayEach year it is a frenzy to watch and see people act like crazed lunatics just to get some type of one-day deal. Yes, I know there are some wonderful deals out there. I know it is good for the retail business, but have you noticed this year that stores are even opening up sooner, Thanksgiving Day.

What if we treated our clients like everyday is Black Friday?

What if we built enough excitement that people could not wait to do business with us?

Ok – Stop – Let’s think about this. Would a company really want this?

  • How much loyalty do clients really have to the particular store you visit on Black Friday?
  • Is it about the store or is it about the “advertisement deal”?
  • That ad goes away in 1 -2 days. How much loyalty does the client have?

So how can a company like the one I work for that serves B2B and B2C clients learn from the Black Friday Experience?

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Here are the lessons I take away:

Be available even when your doors are closed. Have a place on your website where people can get a hold of you and send you their question or inquiry.

Are you making people wait online. Don’t keep people on hold and don’t put in one of those automated phone systems. People do not like to wait period.

Open your doors a little earlier, but don’t make a big announcement. What if stores actually opened a half hour earlier than the published time in an ad. Think about your own business. If someone calls before normal business times, do you make them wait or do you answer the phone.

Keep your doors open, even with limited staff. Can you really afford to close down your business the day after a holiday?

Companies should really try to focus on serving clients better than just a “Black Friday” Experience.

If it’s going to be a quiet day, use the time to get caught up on tasks that you have been putting off. Sometimes, its fun to go to work and know that it can be one of the most productive days of the year with little interruptions.

“Black Friday” helps keep some companies afloat because it brings increased traffic to their businesses. Companies need to think about creating a Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday too. Effective client service and attracting and retaining clients is where its at.

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