11 Brands That Will Have a Major Impact on Your Business

What is one established brand that you predict will have a major impact on the way we work by 2015?

1. Apple

Andrew SchrageApple products such as iPhones and iPads have already had a major impact on the way we work. Recent statements from the CEO of Apple indicate the company will be moving into new product lines in 2014 and beyond. Expect these items to have a major impact on the way we work in the future.
Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

2. Dropbox

Brandon DempseyOriginally, it focused on single users, but now it has shifted to focusing on business partners. We have already virtualized our in-house server, and I think you will see more and more companies moving to a virtual cloud server instead of relying on in-house technology that isn’t as accessible when remote.
Brandon Dempsey, GoBRANDgo!

3. BGI

john ramptonBGI is trying to make DNA sequencing mass-market. It is the most prolific sequencer of human genomes, using technological advances to vastly reduce the cost of sequencing complete genomes. Human DNA will begin to impact what we do in late 2015.
John Rampton, Adogy

4. Quora

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Tarek PertewI personally believe Quora is built to be the perfect supplement to gauging the quality of a candidate. As hiring and finding talent is critical to the way we work, I envision a growing importance of Quora as a platform for talent to display their knowledge on particular topics and thus be used as a sourcing strategy for hiring companies.
Tarek Pertew, Wakefield Media

5. Zapier

Thursday-Bram 2Zapier and its competitors are making a world of difference in how easily a business can make different parts of its infrastructure work together. Just last month, Zapier added 28 new services, and it’s continuing to expand. In a year, I expect Zapier to be a key part of many organizations’ infrastructures.
Thursday Bram, Hyper Modern Consulting

6. Shopify

Alexander MendelukShopify is doing for e-commerce what Apple has done for communication. It is breaking down the barriers to e-commerce entry, from cost to expertise, and adding an aesthetic simplicity to design that is fueling the current small-business renaissance. We have lost hundreds of thousands in proprietary e-commerce system failures, but all that is changing with Shopify.
Alexander Mendeluk, SpiritHoods

7. Microsoft

Juha LiikalaMicrosoft’s investments in cloud-working in the past few years have been massive. From Office Online (OneDrive, Office apps, Outlook, etc.) to SharePoint Online and beyond, this is all enabling location-independent working for the “regular working folk” like never before. Microsoft is truly turning us all into digital nomads and changing the way we work.
Juha Liikala, Stripped Bare Media

8. DivvyHQ

Jason GrillThere is no doubt that content marketing is king these days for businesses both large and small. Publishing quality content is the name of the game. Nobody likes numerous emails and or spreadsheets to plan and organize editorial or branding calendars. Content producers all over the world need easier tools to meet demanding needs. DivvyHQ works with big brands and the media industry already.
Jason Grill, JGrill Media | Sock 101

9. Google

Sam BahreiniNeed I say more? From smartphones to Google Glass, wearable OS, and Google Office, it is clearly the future of innovation.
Sam Bahreini, VoloForce

10. Facebook

Andy KaruzaI think Facebook is starting to emerge as a major player outside of just the way we connect. It will be interesting to see where its current acquisitions go, but more importantly, some of the projects that are outside its initial business model. project, in particular, is one that I’m keeping an eye on.
Andy Karuza, Brandbuddee

11. Adobe

Andrew HowlettAdobe is assembling a Marketing Operating System. Its products are helping companies manage their marketing efforts in a way no one else is doing right now. Its Creative Cloud has always had the best tools for content creation. Those assets go to its digital asset manager and can now be used in its Marketing Cloud environment for content management, analytics, media and testing.
Andrew Howlett, Rain

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