What to do When the Creative Spark Flickers

What happened?  You were so excited when you started your business and now you feel weighed down with the day to day responsibility, overworked, overstressed and totally uninspired.  What can you do when your passion for your business plummets?

Your choices are simple

  • Stay down in the emotional dumps
  • Find a way to revive your enthusiasm for your business.

When Failure is not an option, take Action

Problem:  Not enough time or energy


Schedule an hour just for yourself.  (If an hour feels excessive, at least give yourself thirty minutes to start.)  Get a massage, have a manicure, take a walk, read a “just for fun” book, or call a friend to chat.  Do something which feels good and is NOT business related. The physical break will clear your head and allow energy to return to you.

Make a list of all of the things you always wanted to do but have not done yet or have not done since you were a teenager.  Pick one item on the list and schedule a time to do it.  Put an actual appointment on your calendar.  Plan to keep the appointment just as you would if it were your most important client.  You are your most important client. Breaking old patterns allows for creativity to flow in all aspects of your life.

Be healthy.  Richard Branson, famous entrepreneur and a bit of a self-declared wild man, reminds us in order to be productive take care of your health.  Eat nourishing food, get sufficient sleep, delegate and establish a workable schedule to deal with responsibilities while maintaining time for a family life.  You can’t produce at optimum levels when you don’t feel good.

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Problem: Stuck in idea deficit. 


Find a coach or mentorResearch articles and thought leaders.  Phil Cousineau, host of the PBS show Global Spirit and author of Stoking the Creative Fires: 9 Ways to Rekindle Passion and Imagination (Conari Press, 2008).  Another reference is the strategy of Yanik Silver, successful serial entrepreneur.  Read solution-based blogs which focus on small business.

Who are the 5 people you admire most?  Why do you admire each?  What do they do when they need to revive their energy and enthusiasm?  If you don’t know that answer, call them and ask or take them out to lunch.

Problem:  Buying your own excuses 


Be honest with yourself about why you are working so many hours.  Determine the excuse, face facts and take action to correct it.

  • Too much to do
  • Need to focus on increasing business and profits
  • My staff needs me available

Each of these has merit.  If your personal life is in chaos, work is a great reason (excuse) to avoid dealing with the issue.  “How to Prevent Your Business From Taking Over Your Personal Life” offers some positive ideas to rescue your relationship.

Get out of your own way.  Are you stuck in anger, blame guilt or lack of deservability?  Do you do your best work when you are stressed, exhausted or uninspired?  I don’t.  Emotional Ice Water has solutions to restore your enthusiasm for life and business.

You have choices.  You may remain discouraged and defeated or find a solution.  Put yourself back on your priority list, pay attention to your health (food, sleep, exercise), reconnect with those you admire, face your excuses and resolve the issues.  Go back to feeling confident and enthusiastic.

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