Be Your Own Boss: Advantages for Maintaining Control of Your Website

For a United States military soldier, coming home is an accomplishment they have been dreaming about for months or even years.  For some, transitioning from military to civilian life has proven to be a rather unsteady and unfamiliar experience. Taking advantage of the unique skills learned while in the service and beginning their own business has become a common next step. US Army Veteran Santiago Valdizan became his own boss when he launched his Virginia based IT consulting firm, Joint Technology Solutions Inc. (  Everything from clients to online marketing, for Valdizan, creating a life where he could maintain full control over his future was the only option for him.

“The skills that I learned in the service and the mentoring/leadership training I received has allowed me to transition smoothly after retirement and motivated me to open my own business, continuing to service the soldier with clients such as the National Guard and Active Duty Army,” Valdizan said.

He saw the impact that the Internet has on small-to medium-sized business and took advantage of it through an effective online strategy. The basis for a solid approach starts with a good website. For those business owners lacking a technical background seeking an external Web designer may appear to be the only option. However, the control gained from creating the website yourself though a do-it-yourself (DIY) design tool proves to be the more rewarding and beneficial option. Below are three characteristics gained from maintaining control of your own website.

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  1. Accessibility– New business owners tend to work around the clock in order to make their company a success. Each day is different and presents new challenges, no matter the time or day of the week.  Developing your business website gives you access to edit its content whenever it is most convenient for you and your schedule. What would take up to a few weeks to accomplish with a developer, can now be achieved instantly. No need to communicate only during business hours or go through an extensive approval process, last minute changes can be made day or night; in the office or at home. As long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to make the important changes necessary to your website to keep customers informed and up to date.
  2. Cost– Cost and budget are always a concern for new businesses and the money allotted for marketing tends to fall by the wayside. An important advantage of a DIY website design tool is its affordability. The investment that you may be spending on a professional Web master can now be spent on more materials, employees or better quality machinery – whatever you need to grow and expand your business. Blood, sweat and tears go into every dollar you earn as a business owner so make sure it is not reinvested into unnecessary aspects of your business.
  3. Easy Start– Starting a business is an intimidating task and requires you to wear a lot of different hats. There is no need to waste valuable time on researching and learning software code and website layouts. With the use of simple DIY options, launching a website is fast and easy. Many DIY design tools walk you through the process of creating your website in a straight forward manner, leaving out the technical jargon. Look for DIY website design tools that offer pre-created layouts and content for a variety of industries to help give you a head start. Also, with features such as integration of Web applications of popular brands, search engine optimization tools and around the clock support team, creating and maintaining your website will not be an added stress to operating your business.

“For any veteran that is trying to be a business owner, a solid infrastructure and reliable vendors that can help you grow and succeed are key. I am living proof that a professional website and trustworthy Web host can help accomplish these goals,” said Valdizan.

This season Americans have a lot to be thankful: our freedoms and country are protected by the brave men and women of the United States Military each and every day. To show appreciation 1&1 Internet, Inc. is doing their part to give back. The company has introduced their Veteran Appreciation Campaign offering six months free of their 1&1 MyWebsite design tool product. Now, entrepreneurial vets, with all levels of technical knowledge, are able to rely on a professional online presence as a solid foundation for their business with no risk.

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  • Having control of your own website is important but building it yourself is not always a good option. A traditional web designer is also not always a good option because building the site is only part of the story. Once a website is built and launched it is necessary to have the skill set to get your website to the top of the search engines in order to get the ‘all important’ customers.

    Website builders allow anyone to build a website and make it look pretty but a website without customers is a liability. Once you build a website with a provider like Moonfruit or 1and1 (there are many out there) you are tied to them and the site cannot be moved. If the company goes out of buisness you lose the website too. I once built a website with Moonfruit back in the days when they were really riding the waves and then they nearly went bankrupt and down to 9 employees and I nearly lost the site. Thankfully (for them) they are doing pretty well but I don’t use website builders anymore because they don’t work too well in the search engines as they are built on a flash platform which Google does not like.

    You are better off using a company that has the necessary skills to build you a website and then teach you how to get good results in the search engines organically.

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