NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Can you believe it’s Week 12 and we’re at Thanksgiving already? The season has just flown by. Enjoy the Week 12 NFL Power Rankings. What did we get wrong? Leave any disagreements in the comments section

32. Kansas City Chiefs

It looks like they will need to draft a quarterback with the first pick this year.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags may want to stick with Henne for the rest of the season after that game.

30. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are certainly regressing and Cam Newton trade rumors have already begun.

29. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland almost pulled out that game. Would have been a great win for a struggling franchise.

28. Oakland Raiders

At least Carson Palmer is still worth something in a trade. Does he regret going there now?

27. Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid is looking like he is going to be without a job after this season. It’s probably best for everyone.

26. Arizona Cardinals

Will they ever win another game? It looks like 12 straight losses could be in the works at this point.

25. St. Louis Rams

Getting whooped by the Jets is never acceptable. They have to get something going soon.

24. San Diego Chargers

Phillip Rivers is no longer an elite quarterback. At least Danario Alexander is doing a great job at receiver.

23. Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson can only do so much. The rest of the team has to start playing better around him.

22. Miami Dolphins

They couldn’t score more than seven points on offense against the Bills? Their season is certainly over.

21. New York Jets

They actually won. They may not be able to say that they are winners very many times the rest of this season.

20. Buffalo Bills

The Bills defense finally stood up and did their jobs. Could this be the start of a trend?

19. Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker needs to prove that he can lead a team to the playoffs. Otherwise, Hasselbeck may be the quarterback again.

18. Washington Redskins

RGIII looked flawless against the Eagles. That’s because he literally was almost flawless.

17. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincy beat a really bad Kansas City team. However, a win still counts when you are in a playoff race.

16. New Orleans Saints

At 5-5, they very well may be right back into the playoff race in the NFC. Wow.

15. Dallas Cowboys

It’s almost like God himself wants the Cowboys to win the NFC East the way things are shaping up right now.

14. Minnesota Vikings

They have a big game against the Bears coming up next week. It could make or break their season.

13. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are great at home. Not so great on the road. Guess where they are going the next few weeks?

12. Indianapolis Colts

Luck got brought back to Earth against the Patriots on Sunday. It happens even to the best of them.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

Byron Leftwich is hurt. Here comes Mike Kafka or maybe even Charlie Batch. That is a scary thought.

10. New York Giants

Hopefully Eli will be a little less tired for their next game. A win is going to be huge this week.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gritty win against the Panthers this week. Will it lead to a playoff berth for the Bucs this year?

8. Chicago Bears

They got absolutley dominated on Monday night. However, let’s just chalk that up to a fluke. Hopefully Cutler comes back soon.

7. Green Bay Packers

At 7-3, they find themselves atop the NFC North. It looks like they will repeat as divisional champions this year as well. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb are looking deadly right now.

6. San Francisco 49ers

What a way to put an exclamation point on a must-win game. To do that against a Bears defense that has dominated is even scarier for future opponents.

5. Denver Broncos

Peyton is making it look easy out there. MVP talk in his future? Even if that doesn’t happen, practically winning the division already makes life easier for everyone.

4. New England Patriots

The good news is that the Pats look almost unstoppable and Aqib Talib has already paid off for New England. The bad news is that Gronk is out for several weeks.

3. Baltimore Ravens

A win is a win is a win. There is nothing wrong with beating an opponent when they are down.

2. Atlanta Falcons

They struggled against another mediocre team. They will need to get it together if they really want to be taken seriously as playoff contenders.

1. Houston Texans

They are without a doubt the best team in the league right now. It should be fun watching them march to their first ever Super Bowl in February.

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