NFL Sunday Ticket Options

Anybody who watches television regularly or peruses the host of online videos has probably seen the antics of Eli Manning and Deion Sanders flying around in white football uniforms and fairy wings bringing NFL Sunday Ticket to men around the country. And for those reading this that have not seen the commercials, I swear I’m not insane. NFL Sunday Ticket is provided by DirecTV and offers every NFL game on Sundays, with some restrictions. Below, I will break down the different options for Sunday Ticket and the costs associated with them.

NFL Sunday Ticket
Since Sunday Ticket is provided by DirecTV, you will need a subscription through the satellite provider in order to get NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Sunday Ticket Max. The basic service costs $200 for the entire season and it lets you watch every out of market game on Sunday’s, which means you cannot watch games that are being aired locally. Features included on ST include being able to watch up to eight games at once (which I honestly cannot handle),  every game is in high definition, a player and/or team tracker that provides updates, and real –time stats with score updates.

NFL Sunday Ticket Max
The Max option costs an extra $100 dollars which brings the total up to $300 for the entire NFL season. ST Max includes everything that ST provides, but also provides additional features. Those who were used to Sunday Ticket On the Go will find that it has been incorporated into ST Max. This allows viewers to watch games on demand from their smart phones, iPad, and even PS3. The Red Zone channel is another feature offered on Max and it provides a dedicated channel that highlights all of the scoring drives going on around the league. Short Cuts is the final, but possibly the best, addition for shelling out the extra cash for Sunday Ticket Max. Short Cuts is two channels that allow you to replay a game without all of the commercials and other distractions, which cuts  the three plus hour time commitment down to as short as half an hour.

Play Station 3
While Sunday Ticket Max allows users to access games on their PS3, you do not actually need a DirecTV subscription if you have a PS3 and good internet connection. PS3 owners can purchase a subscription to Sunday Ticket through the Play Station Network and stream all of the games via internet connection. The first week of service for PS3 and Sunday Ticket, with buffering issues and low quality footage, but the quirks seem to have been worked out. The app costs $300 on the PS3 Network. For more info about DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket click here.

Jet Blue
The airline company that has redefined what customer service means in the aviation world keeps raising the bar. Not only do customers get DirecTV in their seats at no extra charge, but now they can watch any football game on Sundays since Jet Blue and DirecTV now offer Sunday Ticket on all flights. This might seem like a gimmick, but football fans that are forced to travel on game day could very well be swayed by this added bonus.

Sunday Ticket might seem expensive to the average football fan, but for those diehard fans that have been relocated or do not get to watch their teams play due to blackouts in the area, no price is too large. The cost has come down in recent years, with $200 for Sunday Ticket being the lowest yet . And if you think $200 is a lot for a TV add-on, just think about how much a Super Bowl Ticket would set you back. Whatever the case, just having the option is good for the NFL which has trailed behind other major sports like MLB when it comes to broadcasting games. There are still many restrictions to Sunday Ticket. Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and games played on Thursdays are not included, and local games are blacked out due to licensing agreements.

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