Kronum League Round 9 – Work Horses vs. Night Owls

The Work Horses are living proof that “luck favors the bold.”

In Kronum, everything from jumping a pass for a steal on defense to passing up a low percentage Chamber shot in lieu of a Crown Ring gamble, is high risk – high reward. An 8-point Kronum shot from the cross through the ring offers life to any team that has a hard-headed and confident enough scorer  to put the team on his back and go for the glory. In this particular matchup versus the Night Owls, the Horses saddled up two cowboys for the gunfight, rookie sensation Dave Slusser and captain Jeff Yetter. The two combined for a Kronum League record three, 8-point “Kronums” accounting for 24 points that, if not scored, would have left the Horses in the stable and out of contention against the high-powered, second-place Owls.

The first period offered a plethora of points, passes, and penalties. Owls ranger Luke Dougan (28 points) drilled home half of his game-high total in the first with 14 points early, including two 4-point shots from 17 yards out. Phil Cavalcante (22 points, 7 assists, 6 blocks) got some help from Horses’ wedgeback Trevor Lyman on a deflected penalty that found it’s way through a Crown Ring for 6 points.

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