Here’s How to Get Started at Mixed Martial Arts

If you are interested in mixed martial arts, learning how to be an MMA fighter may seem really daunting. There is so much to learn, after all, because of the various disciplines in MMA, such as Brazilian Jiu-JitsuMuay Thai, wrestling, and boxing. So how do you learn what you need to, yet not get overwhelmed? Here are some tips:

  • Take an introductory class: Some places that offer MMA training will let you take a free introductory class so you can get your feet wet and see if the sport is for you. You will get a feel not just about what MMA is, and what it is all about, but about the gym offering the class.
  • Know what to wear: You will be barefoot on a mat, so you will need to keep that in mind. You should wear a t-shirt and shorts or exercise pants. Loose-fitting clothing is discouraged as it can interfere with the training.
  • Eat right: You’re not going to be able to become proficient at MMA if you are a junk food junkie. So resist the allure of empty calories and pay attention to what you are eating, especially making sure to get enough protein and carbs to fuel you.
  • Find other beginners – and a mentor:  Working out with other beginners will help you learn from each other at the same time. Learning from a mentor will help you get to the next level.
  • Make the commitment mentally: With mixed martial arts, you will test yourself as never before. But make a commitment that you will spend time on it, and take that commitment seriously.
  • Don’t do too much, too soon:  However, just because MMA has so many disciplines doesn’t mean that you should try to master everything at once. If you overtrain your body too much, too soon, you will not only be hurt; you will be discouraged.
  • Don’t forget recovery time: Your body needs time to recover from everything you have been doing. Taking a few days off each week , generally after a big workout, can help your body heal and move to the next level. Don’t feel you need to take all the MMA classes available until you are ready.
  • Patience is a virtue:  No matter how many MMA matches you have watched on TV, real life is different. You are not going to pick everything up quickly. In addition, you need to be patient to be a great MMA fighter, so practicing patience will help you in the long run.

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