12 Most Transcendent Truths About Tim Tebow

In light of the recent Denver Broncos’ free agency activities, that included the signing of Peyton Manning and the trading of Tim Tebow, I thought I would re-post this 12 Most post to help the New York Jets’ fans get acclimated with Tebowmania. You are in for a wild ride, folks. Peyton Manning is one of my favorite quarterbacks of all time, but I also appreciate what Tim Tebow brought to the table. He will be missed in Denver!

Here are some transcendent truths about Tim Tebow.

1. He is unorthodox

Today’s NFL is a passing league. The top quarterbacks are completing over 60% of their passes, and Drew Brees had a 70% completion percentage for over 5,400 yards. They rarely run the ball, and if they do they slide as soon as a linebacker or safety comes up to hit them. Tim Tebow completed about 46% of his passes for about 1,700 yards. But he ran for 660 yards and was more than willing to lower his shoulder and deal some pain to a linebacker or safety.

2. He is tireless

Much has been made of Tebow’s work ethic. Even during the postseason, he sprints from drill to drill and dares the rest of the team to match his effort. TV broadcasters remark how he is the first one to practice and the last one to leave. He will not fail as a consequence of being unprepared.

3. He is charitable

Tim Tebow has his own Tim Tebow Foundation. His charitable work focuses on orphanages, disadvantaged kids and pediatric cancer patients. He gave most of his rookie signing bonus to charity.

4. He is evangelical

Tim Tebow has repeatedly stated that he will use the platform God has given him to deliver his message and help the more unfortunate. When he is asked about a recent win, he will be grateful but then immediately say he is more grateful to have spent time with a young cancer patient before the game. He gives all credit to God and sees himself as a willing instrument.

5. He is gracious in victory

Every day we read about and see videos of chest-thumping athletes taking full credit for their successes. We hear statements like “they can’t stop me when I am on my game”. Tebow recognizes he would not have been in a position to win without every one of his teammates and coaches. He also always praises the opposition.

6. He is gracious in defeat

Tebow had a great run of success when he took over as the starting Denver Broncos quarterback. Then he went through a string of three consecutive defeats when the naysayers reasserted themselves. In each case, he gave credit to the opposing team and then shouldered the blame for not getting the job done. In fact, he made a rousing speech after a loss in college that is now a plaque at the University of Florida called The Promise.

7. He is polarizing

There appears to be no middle ground when it comes to Tim Tebow – you either love him or you hate him. Christians adore him, and many parents secretly wish he would date their daughter (and daughters swoon over him). Non-Christians think he is abusing his platform to deliver his evangelical message. Football pundits either love him for his “It” factor and leadership or hate him for his unorthodox game that can’t possibly succeed in the NFL. By the way, congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning their first playoff game in 6 years – with Tim Tebow passing for 316 yards, throwing for two touchdowns and running for a touchdown!

8. He is inspirational

When the Denver Broncos were mounting amazing comebacks and overtime wins, every Broncos player and fan expected Tebow to “take them to the promise land”. Time and again, he could have a terrible three quarters of football and then become the most dynamic and accurate quarterback to win the game. When the Broncos lost three games in a row, Tebow looked tentative and loathe to make mistakes. When the Broncos beat the Steelers, Tebow was back at the top of his game both physically and mentally. He can inspire belief or a lack of confidence. Lucky for the Broncos and his charities, Tebow generally inspires belief!

9. He knows he plays a game

Tebow plays with abandon, and he generally plays with a smile on his face. At times, you get the feeling he would just kneel down and start drawing up the play in the dirt like he is playing sandlot football. He lives for the competition, and he will pat an opponent on the helmet after the opponent just tried to put that helmet through his sternum. But at the end of the day, he lets the world know that he is blessed to play a game he loves. When the sun sets on the day, a game should still know its place relative to the bigger issues of the world.

10. He is respectful

Listen to Tim Tebow give an interview. Listen to broadcasters’ remarks after conducting an interview with Tebow. You would be hard pressed to find a more courteous and respectful young man in sports today. His pure quarterback numbers are pedestrian at best, but his attitude makes him the best sports role model I have seen in recent years.

11. He is marketable

The kid has the clear eyes, squared off chin and photographic smile of the All-American Boy. The fact that he works out with weights harder than any other quarterback also makes FRS Energy Drink and Jockey love him!

12. He is a poster-child for pursuing your dreams

Tebow had naysayers at every level of competitive sports. Everybody tried to turn him into a linebacker…a safety…a tight end…a running back. Everyone wants him on the field for his leadership, but they sure wish he would not insist on playing quarterback. Have you seen that elongated throwing motion?!? He doesn’t have the accuracy to throw the ball in the ocean!! Guess what, Tebow did not listen to his naysayers. He stayed true to his dreams, and he was willing to out-work and out-hustle everyone else even if everyone else had more natural talent. He just beat the Pittsburgh Steelers’ #1 defense in the NFL in his first playoff game as a quarterback with both his arm and his legs. His inspiring story is still unfolding.

Love him or hate him, you have to admire Tim Tebow. You may not like his mechanics, his faith and his willingness to use his influence to make a difference. But we could all hope that we, and our children, would someday stand up for our beliefs and relentlessly pursue our goals like this inspiring young man.

Bring on the comments, and “be like Tebow” – respectful both in agreement and rebuttal!

This post was originally published on 12 Most on January 14, 2012. The original post can be found here…along with a plethora of excellent posts from contributing authors I enjoy reading.

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