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It's far more common these days to see someone sitting with a smart phone or tablet than it is to see them out and about with a laptop. We're a mobile society and we like to have information at our fingertips so that we can access it on-the-go, regardless of whether we're sitting on the couch at home, in a cab, or at a coffee shop.

Of course, it's tough to be out without spending money. In today's financial climate, we like to be aware of our finances, so the ability to access that information and know exactly what we have is important to us. Personal Capital, a free mobile application available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, helps you to easily and efficiently manage your money by providing you with a single dashboard from which to monitor all of your accounts.

While some of us just want to check to see how much money we have in checking and savings, others of us want to be able to regularly monitor our entire financial portfolios, including mutual funds, stocks, and money market accounts. Because Personal Capital provides the user with one aggregated view of all his accounts, it's easy to monitor your finances with a single app, even if you do business with several banks and financial institutions. Additionally, the app can track your income, spending, savings, and investment performance to give you the best possible idea of how you're allocating your finances. By identifying mutual fund fees, the app actually helps you to identify where you could be saving more money.

Personal Capital also offers a range of functions, including:

  • Portfolio Performance: Have complete control of your investments when you know what you have and how it's performing.
  • Asset Allocation: Discover the diversity of your assets by viewing the percentage of each one in your portfolio.
  • Mobile Apps: As previously mentioned, the Personal Capital free mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Investment Checkup: Discover potential investment risks within your portfolio. To find out if you're on track with your financial goals, this feature can also help you locate mutual fund fees.
  • 401k Fee Analyzer: Are you paying too much in 401k fees? This feature helps you to determine that when it compares your 401k to Personal Capital's 0.5% plan. If your percentage is high, they can help you to do something about it.
  • Mutual Fund Fee Calculator: This calculator will help you to determine how much your investments are costing you, not just now, but over time, as well. The goal here is to help you invest smartly while also saving you money in unnecessary fees.
  • Universal Checkbook: Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to take a picture of a paper check and use the image to enroll any of your checking accounts. When you do, sending a check to anyone, anywhere can be done almost instantly.

Certainly the most useful aspect of Personal Capital is the range of functions mentioned above. Finances can be very confusing to people, and they'd rather pay exorbitant fees to let someone else monitor them than take the risk of doing it themselves. But using this app will not only help you manage your finances in an easy way that makes sense, it will also help your financial state by saving you fees on a personal financial advisor.

If you're looking to track your income and spending habits, view your transactions, and identify the scope of your expenses, use Personal Capital's Cash Manager.

Regardless of what your financial management needs are, Personal Capital can help you to manage what you've got and plan to meet goals for what you want to have. Download the free app to get started on a better financial future.

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