Mobile Mornings: Win an iPad 3 From Zendesk

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  • After I turn off my alarm, the first thing I do is look at my phone. I check my emails – work and personal – and then go on Facebook and Twitter. Do I really think my friends have posted something incredible from last night until now? I guess so because I cannot wait because I need to know now! Twitter serves as my quick news update so I know what is going on in the world. After preparing for work and walking to the bus stop, I use my phone to play my music which gets my mood ready to take on the day. Then? I look on Facebook and Twitter..again…I’m such a millennial. But I love being that friend who texts everyone and says “omg guess who is pregnant?” or “did you see that XX happened this morning?” I like being that wealth of knowledge whether pop culture or very newsworthy.

  • Mobile Morning has redefined how I wake up in the morning. Life was so much simpler before email, and the now common expectation to be constantly available and paying attention to client and internal messages. I find that if I am in the middle of a large campaign, I will wake up in the middle of the night just to check email.

    I wake up. I check email while still wiping the crust from my eyes. I make my protein shake. I check email. I take a shower. I check email. I wait for the commuter bus. I check email. It never stops.

    I have killed many a phone due to battery overuse by having to constantly be on it, for conference calls, for email, for texts, for social networking that is both personal and business related. The overwhelming subconscious need to be constantly connected seems to have taken over my life, and yet I love it.

    Good or bad, mobile personal electronics and Mobile Morning are here to stay. It’s all about finding that life balance, such as “tech free weekend” to make sure you can spend part of your week unplugged, that is super important. :)

  • My routine has definitely changed as a result of mobile, and oddly enough “mobile mornings” is a term I use as well as “mobile nightcap”!

    My mobile morning routine consists of waking up to the alarm clock on my iphone, followed by a quick glance at my work email, personal email then ummm…linkedin and facebook. Depending on what I see on my work email (we have a 24/7 gloobal support team that uses Zendesk :) ) I’ll take 5-10 minutes to look further at issues using the Zendesk app! Total elapsed time is 20 minutes but this 20 minutes saves me review time in the morning at the office and instead I can jump right into the hot issues for the day with my team.

    For my mobile nightcap, once I get into bed I take 5-10 minutes to do the same routine, and usually end up sending out one or two emails issues that need escalation during the night, while I’m sleeping so that when I wake up I have the answers I need!

    Funniest thing is my wife does the same routine everyday and we’re so used it it now that it’s normal! Best part is using my mobile for my alarm so when it goes off, I’m already going to pick it up to turn it off so might has well check some emails and stuff. :) Would be even nicer to have an iPad on my night table allowing me to use the bigger and better apps for all of this!!!

  • It’s my alarm, my bank teller and at times, a pseudo babysitter. I roll over FTP switch off my alarm, take my phone with me for that necessary morning routine which finds me looking for Facebook notifications, checking email and listening to morning news radio. As a father of two with another on the way, the TV’s I have bought are not my own. Unless I a content to get my daily information from Treehouse, Teletoon or TLC, I must use RSS feeds, news apps or Bell Mobile TV. Having an iPad would greatly enhance my daily routine.

  • It is my morning ritual for sure. First, I check the email folders and make sure the world didn’t explode– because I would totally get an email for that.
    Then I check facebook and make sure that no one died overnight or there isn’t a zombie apocolyse impending. Then I check my bank account to make sure I haven’t been robbed by some phishing scam. Then I go back to facebook and troll for a little while and then I put on a short video for my son to watch as I get up and take care of the morning needs. The Ipad would make the experience that much more pleasant and little Elliott could sing Elmos song in glorious retina display which would be so awesome sauce.

  • Oh and another thing-is that there should be a study about how it effects your sleep– when there is something hot going on in the world, its hard to sleep knowing that information is so close to your sleeping chambers– its crazy. I don’t I sleep nearly as well as I used to before the mobile world exploded. Remember the old days when you had to wait several minutes for the machine to boot up, not to mention the 56k modem to access the pages? Sleep used to be so awesome then… :P

  • My partner or my little asshole dog wake me up around 8. I roll over and pick up my laptop that has been placed on the floor by me (I don’t know how it gets there, but it gets there every night) open it up and turn off the terrible show I was watching from the night before. I then hand this to my partner who gets up to make me coffee. Talk about mobility.

    I grab my phone and start researching various sites. I check my current standings in a film accelerator I am participating in ( GO VOTE!) and also check my business Facebook page to engage fans that I may have missed during my splendid night of sleep.

    Being mobile has basically changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to create a ‘bed office.’ If I’m feeling lazy I can perform all necessary functions from my bed. More importantly, if I am hungover I can try and perform all necessary functions from my bed.

    And that’s what counts. Trying.

  • What did I used to do in the mornings before my iphone? Brush my teeth? Take a shower? Sit and have breakfast and talk to my boyfriend? Pft – I can’t even remember! My mornings the past few years have been glued to my phone either ‘la-de-da-ing’ on Facebook and Instagram or frantically browsing my emails to see what my day will look like. If I have an urgent email, I pop up out of bed, run to my office and start my day. If I don’t, I lay in bed and browse how everyone else is documenting their morning routine – on their phone. ;) It’s a part of life now and however much annoying it can be, I don’t see my routine changing anytime soon. I’m hooked and obsessed with my phone – no denying here!! That reminds me.. haven’t checked Instagram in 5 minutes… bye! :)

  • heck my dog even is affected by my mobile morning. The alarm goes off. he used to pop up right away ready for the first walk of the day, but now, he sighs and puts his head back down on the bed, as I reach for my Blackberry.

  • Yes I want to express my thought regarding mobile mornings. First when I saw this article’s word as “Mobile Morning” then I thought for sometimes likely as Mobile Marketing. It is so similar to Mobile Morning.
    The uses of the mobile has changed the all person’s life style. As much people know it well that it has reduced the timing which work had been done in almost a weeks. From simple mobile to high generation’s iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, tablets and so many more are running in the today’s market have the great importance to all of us.
    We can expect from it which would never been thought.

  • A Mobile World through the

    6am. Happily thinking I’ve won the lottery, sunbathing in Florida when I hear a “RING RING” in the distance.

    Sadly I’m brought crashing down to reality by the loud ringing of my phone’s alarm clock. Before I even open my eyes, my mobile phone plays an active role in my life.

    I start to ponder on the fact that years ago people wouldn’t have alarms to wake them up, and question if I’m too dependent on my phone …

    But no time to think about that now. I’m already running late.

    I arrive at the train station; (with “Bingo Players – Rattle” blaring through my headphones) I decide on how to kill time till the train comes. I beat my score on angry birds and temple run, what now? How did I manage to ride on public transport years ago without “Apps”? Should I start … reading books again perhaps..?! Not to worry, trains arrived. Phew.

    My phone continuously buzzing with notifications from Twiiter , Facebook and other social media apps I don’t even remember downloading; choosing not to communicate with the people sitting next to me. I start to wonder why we do this; why thousands of people everyday choose to talk to people miles away from them, despite being seated directly in front of someone… Ah , well never mind “Shaniqua just liked my status”…

    It wasn’t until I examined my own mobile habits that I realized the extent to which mobile technologies affected my own life and the lives of others around me. As mobile technologies now become a platform for escapism we use that opportunity to escape frequently in order to do what we want to do.

    Mobile technologies give us the ability to stay connected and enjoy new experiences; something which previous generations never had.

    However, we should really question what the future holds if we are already so dependent on mobile technologies… If we can learn to use this ability to connect with others in ways that truly encourage a global community then perhaps we can make a difference in the world.

  • How has it changed my life? Where to start.

    Well, you know. It’s changed my life and actually my career heavily. I make my living placing B2B clients on the platform of choice through solutions based on what needs to change in their business that is holding them back – the preverbal and all to real “pain points”.

    I could write for hours on how that is accomplished. In most cases it the establishment either through stand alone apps or though subscription services that use apps to allow companies to quote, invoice, record payables, receivables and make payments and sync this info across platforms that can be accessible anywhere anytime.

    Same goes for me really.

    But perhaps the most value I have gotten is in the education my parents (my Mom) to be more mobile. Recently she fell and broke her hip and can not longer get up and down the stairs forget sitting at her very nice desktop.

    The satisfaction of her now accessing the world thought that iPad I gave her, is immeasurable.

    No money can provide that feeling, and no changes directly to my life as a result of the iMacs, iPods, iPhone and Apple TV’s I have, are more important than this.


  • I work in PR, which means I’m expected to see things when they happen, not an hour later. More than an hour might as well be tomorrow. My phone is my connection to the outside world; a shortcut that let’s me quickly catch up after being ‘dark’ overnight. It then becomes my mechanism for prioritizing the day including scheduling meetings, client work, research and emails that need to be responded to immediately vs. those that can be handled later (Thanks @mailbox for the gift of Inbox Zero).

    Most importantly, it allows me to do these things conspicuously. This is essential because I work from home where my two-year-old son – who is the greatest – constantly wants to ‘help daddy’ do his job, meaning hijacking the laptop to watch Netflix or play a game using the touchscreen. The ability to be productive while starting my day – and his – is the difference between being ahead of the game or playing catch up.

  • Since some of our clients are on the east-coast, I would have to get into my office before 6am – HA! That’s not going to happen.

    I set my alarm to wake me up about 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting, (10 minutes later) snooze, (10 more minutes) snooze.. Okay. Now it’s 10 minutes ’till. This is when I set my alarm to wake me up with 3 minutes to spare. Get on my phone, dial in, headphones on.

    Say “Hi – My name, etc, how are you doing? etc.”

    Mute my mic as I lay back down and relax. I hear a question directed at me, *unmute mic*, answer question with authority. *mute* Meeting ends, set 30 minute timer to sleep a littttttttle longer!

    Thanks to technology I can work in bed.

    TLDR: Attended and participated in an east-coast meeting this morning from the comfort of my bed. They had no idea!

    Kids these days…

  • Greetings!

    My name is Jimmy Borland and I am currently attending courses at CSULB, go beach! I would like to share with you a story about a new particular lifestyle related to me.

    Before I had a mobile device or a smartphone, every night when I went to bed I spent time reading a book or watching a movie. When I woke up, I would think about my day and roll out of bed. This was my everyday routine before I had a mobile device or a smartphone. Today I own a smartphone, and I have noticed a change in my lifestyle that is related to mobile evenings and mobile mornings.

    It is not just about the mobile mornings, but also the mobile evenings. When I go to bed, I find myself on my mobile device before I fall asleep. I spend about 10 to 60 minutes on my mobile device every night before I fall asleep. When I wake up in the morning, I spend about 10 – 30 minutes on my mobile device everyday. The last thought on my mind before falling asleep is to check my mobile device, and the first thought on my mind when I wake up is to check my mobile device.

    When I check my mobile device I search through multiple channels such as social media, news apps, and instant messaging. I search these various channels for notifications, updates, and communication. If I am not in this routine I feel somewhat disconnected from the world, but it is not a negative feeling to me. However, I do feel satisfied when I am able to follow this routine.

    This is a new routine that has been incorporated into my lifestyle when I was handed my first mobile device. This routine would have never been created and developed in my lifestyle if it had not been for a mobile device. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to use a mobile device in my everyday lifestyle. I would love to add an Ipad3 to my arsenal of mobile devices for my everyday mobile mornings and mobile evenings! Thank you for reading!


    Jimmy Borland

  • Galaxy S3 and I met about a year ago, and since then my daily routine has never been the same. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have a great relationship; We are both avid game enthusiasts, social media lovers and are practically ALWAYS on the same schedule! With my ex-smartphone, things were different. While we were constantly having disputes, our relationship was much more relaxed; I could truly just come and go as I pleased. But with Galaxy, the demands…they’re INCESSANT! “Check your email Ben!” “Don’t forget your Monday meeting Ben!” “Keep in mind that Google needs to be updated soon Ben!” It is never-ending! I am even hard-pressed to get any sleep anymore without Galaxy shouting at me to update my virtual Springfield. The mornings are no different, and, in fact, may even be worse. After shouting at me to get out of bed, Galaxy goes right back into the perpetual requests: “Ben, don’t forget that you have 4,625 new updates on Twitter.” “Are you sure you don’t just want to update your Google browser now?” The neediness and distractions have become so bad, that I am now constantly finding myself scrambling to get ready for work. “Dammit Galaxy, I don’t have time to retry this level in Angry Birds! I’m late!” Although Galaxy is constantly prodding me, I do have to say that I truly cherish the down-time with her. Those quiet nights of curling up with Galaxy to read the latest on Buzzfeed or watch the most viral Youtube video is something I have come to really appreciate. While Galaxy S3 might be always demanding of my attention, I would not trade her for any other phone in the world….what’s that? You say that the S4 is coming out? Hey…S3, it was good while it lasted =)

  • Wake up to an alarm set on the iPhone then proceed to respond to emails. The covers are finally off me but I have yet to move from my bed. I then check Twitter to see my top news and tweet my content. After checking Facebook and Goodreads, I play a little Words with Friends. At this point, I’ve convinced myself I should go back to bed.

  • hit the alarm, grab phone glance, smoke and sort my notifications, make coffee hit the computer open sprout social and hoot suite and start diving in, flip to mail start at that, more coffee then gym then work while on treadmill back home hit the computer queue up posts read industry news more coffee and engage customers all along the way till i goto sleep ;p

  • If i was to not have my phone id be up the creek with no paddle. I use it to wake up i then use it to keep my busy day on track with my children school and taking care of the neighbors and my family and i must make sure to take the kids to there baseball games so she can sell the things for the team and to take my son his clothes for after school activites and to check in on facebook and you tube and twiter quiet frankley i check our local paper to keep on track to make sure the highway is not to busy my morning things to do with my phone is the most handy thing i have

  • Oh the formatting :o

    Making my Mobile Morning haiku a bit more clear, sorry for the double post mods!

    Waking eyes are blind //
    to the world outside my door //
    Tablet gives me sight

  • My mobile morning would be more “mobile” if I wasn’t one of the being late kind of people. I set my alarm just so I’m able to get everything done in time as long as there are no interruptions or unforeseen incidents. My iPhone is placed about half a meter away from my bed so I *have* to get out of bed to put my phone to silence. The snooze button is nonexistent (for me).

    Yet the first thing I do is check my emails. I can’t miss any important customer requests that need instant action on my part. Everything OK – good! A look at the clock, I’m still in time. Next: Twitter. I swipe through the timeline, laugh here and there, stop at BREAKING to find out it’s just a scam, and send possibly interesting articles to Pocket. Always there’s this one article that catches my attention and I get stuck longer than I should. Got to hurry up now. A short glance at today’s weather forecast helps me in deciding on what to wear. For the next 20 minutes I put away my phone and pretend that I don’t have one. Zero distraction.

    Before I rush out the house I unplug my phone and connect my headphones. Skype time! I use the time I walk to the office to spend some time talking to a friend or family member who are residing abroad.
    When it happens that I don’t have a good enough internet connection or nobody’s online (the latter is virtually impossible) I’m happy to have Spotify installed and enjoy listening to good music like Little Talks, Arrival of the Birds, and Houdini … until I’m at work.

    From then on it’s Zendesk, Zendesk, Youtrack, Mail, Zendesk.

  • In my world as a busy work from home Mom of three young children, mobile morning doesn’t imply lying around in bed catching up on emails and social media feeds. One of the kids always awakens me before my alarm has a chance to ring, so my day begins in a bleary-eyed state. I grab my phone off the nightstand where I left it after checking for that all-important email or Facebook post just before drifting off to dreamland. I herd the children down stairs and fix their breakfasts while simultaneously flipping through emails on my phone and answering urgent messages as efficiently as I am spreading jam on toast. I pour myself a cup of coffee and sip on it in between making school lunches and checking Facebook and Twitter. Darn, it’s already 7:10! I gulp the coffee while checking the weather app to choose appropriate clothing for the kids. Everyone is finally ready to go, we walk out to the bus stop and I check email, Facebook, Twitter, and news articles – thinking something amazing *could* have happened in the last 15 minutes. The bus arrives for the oldest and then it is time for me to walk my preschooler to school. I flip over to MapMyFitness app to track my walk (which will sync with Facebook and so everyone will know I’ve already done some form of activity they can be jealous of.) The rest of my day is spent blogging, monitoring 5 Facebook Pages, 3 Twitter Accounts, checking 6 email accounts, and various other connected tasks either from a laptop I carry around the house or from my phone while dealing with a squirming toddler.

    Is it fabulous to be constantly splitting my attention between everything? Is it fair to my children? Probably not, but it’s what I have to do to have the flexibility to earn a paycheck in a non-traditional job and still raise my family. Really, my children have never seen a time without 24-7 connectivity. My one year old already knows how to swipe unlock my iPhone and turn on her favorite music so she can dance, my 4 and 7 year olds beg me for phone time to play any number of educational or “just for fun” games I have loaded on there. What some in my generation consider being “over connected” is going to be the norm, and probably even more so by the time my children have reached adulthood.

  • Hi, My Name is Enoch and I’m a Mobile Addict. I’ll start off with my stories in Hong Kong.

    Battery life is a drain (pun intended). While I was in Hong Kong, I carried three cell phones because I always wanted to be mobile. When one would die, I would pull the sim card out and put it in a new device. Finally I purchased a mobile battery charger so I would never be without a device.

    Also, even though I was only in Hong Kong for two weeks, I bought an expensive cell phone plan with unlimited data because I just needed to be on the internet at all times. It cost me an arm and a leg but I just needed the fix.

    It gets so bad that I do not charge my phone at night because I need the fix right before bed. Waking up in the morning, my phone is dead but that’s ok because I’ve got another device charging on the nightstand.

    Thank you for listening to my story.

  • When I was pregnant with my first child two years ago, I downloaded an app that sent me weekly updates on what to expect during that phase of the pregnancy, which I could email to my husband (e.g., “see, this is normal”). The app also let us take and keep pictures to commemorate each phase.

    When I started having contractions, I found and downloaded an app that helped me track them; click one button when they start, another when they end. The contractions may have lasted 23 hours, but the app told me when the appropriate pattern had been reached, and that’s when we drove the hospital. The admitting nurse asked how far apart, how frequent, yada yada, and I said “here, I’ll show you the report”. She’d never heard of such a thing.

    The day after my daughter was born, a hospital nurses brought me a piece of paper to track the frequency, duration and types of feedings, diaper changes, and sleep (no sleep for me, unfortunately!). With less than 10% brain capacity at that point, I had the presence of mind to find an app that would track the same for me, again, with just a click of a button. Four days later when we had our first pediatrician visit, the doctor asked if I had kept up with recording everything, and quickly assured me that I shouldn’t feel bad if I hadn’t. I said “sure, let me email you a copy of the report”. She was blown away, and later told me she recommends the same app to all her new parents.

    This month, my husband and I learned I was pregnant with our second child. Since our first daughter’s birth, we’ve upgraded both our phones and purchased an iPad. Excited to be the cool techie parents again, my husband has already downloaded and installed the same (and a few extra) apps on our devices.

    When your hands (and mind) are full with other, much more important things, anything that will make your life easier is a blessing. Especially if they can all be kept on the one thing you’re seldom without: your mobile phone!

  • I don’t have a mobile device, but if I did, I would most likely not keep it beside my bed, but I would check my Zendesk tickets with it first thing as soon as I get out of bed, since I already do that every day with my desktop PC.

  • Hey all! Awesome question and some neat responses! Cool to hear how everyone uses mobile tech in their life. For my answer, I wanted to bring you all into my morning routine to showcase how I use my iPhone 4S to start my day. Check it out!

    p.s. I shot the whole video with my iPhone :)

  • My mobile morning is devoted to my hobby of Lego photography. When I get home from work I unwind by creating a scene out of lego and photograph it. I then mail the pic to myself so its on my phone ready to go in the morning. My alarm goes off at 7:30am I wake up (barely) make sure the photo is in my camera roll, copy the pre written blurb to go with the photo (because, seriously, autopilot can only get you so far before coffee). First up is Instagram (HarleyQuin), pic is shared sometimes with twitter, I have the rest of the apps I share to all saved in a folder, so each one is opened, image is shared, blurb pasted, daily pic is shared. Once the apps are exhausted I then go back to sleep till the real alarm goes off at 8:30, check emails, maybe facebook then off to the office for a fun day of testing, QA, and other randomality.

  • Since I started really using Twitter, my personal life has definitely changed for the better. In the last few years since I started tweeting, I’ve met some really great people. My goals have changed since I started using Twitter. I’m more interested in growing the relationships with people that I’ve actually interacted with.
    Since I started using Twitter, I’ve nearly stopped collecting news from other sources and observing a global network of influencers on the real time social networking system
    It is like a virtual library of useful information, quotes, lesson activities, etc, just wonder how can some one live without it after beginning to use it optimally.

  • Players must make a football move to show possession of the football….
    After my alarm goes off, I follow the same logic and make a “wake up” move to show possession of my faculties to wake up. First the light goes on and then my “mobile morning” commences in an effort to focus my blurry eyes and bring an end to the morning haze.
    My mobile morning usually starts with a check of the weather. This year’s late winter has presented some challenges when I head to the gym each morning. Once I’ve settled on a what to wear out the door, I quickly scan my work emails to see if any fireworks occurred overnight as I head out for a morning workout. Depending on what is in the emails, I may cut my work out a little short (no more than 15 mins, because I still need to set aside time for me!) to formulate an Action list for the day. Otherwise, for the next bit, I ignore all functions on my phone other than for pumping in tunes at high bmp into my ears to get me off to a good start. The early email check is more of an effort for me to gauge how vigilant I need to be in protecting my personal time (gym, quiet time, reflection time) or maybe injecting more mental breaks based on the intensity of the day. Surprise, surprise, social media doesn’t get opened until I’ve gone through the mental motion of preparing for the day, which often times doesn’t happen until I’ve booted up my laptop.

  • I use my iPhone to measure my sleep cycles, so my alarm goes off when I’m in a light phase of sleep – this means my mornings start off great right from the beginning. Then I’ll check emails and the news while I’m having a coffee, and use it to check the weather so I can figure out what to wear. I’ll also use an app to track my morning run, and my notifications from my to-do list are set for when I am on my way home from running so I can start scheduling my day with a fresh mind!

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