BitDefender Antivirus 2013 Provides Top-Notch Protection From e-Threats

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  • I’ve gotten viruses on my computer. It had been hacked into one time.. So I’m extremely concern about security and I think Bitdefender would protect it. If I won a new laptop would replace my old desktop computer that is not portable and is extremely slow. It takes about 20 minutes to start up. So a new laptop would save me a lot of time.

  • I once got my email hacked and that was a huge bummer! I should win a new laptop since my poor hubby’s laptop is on it’s last legs and it would be such a nice surprise!

  • Just navigating the web now at days with trackers, cookies, viruses, backdoors and so on, is a challenge. While doing things for school, research, working online has become a really tense hazard for our private information and online habits. We shouldn’t really have to worry about all of that “invisible” problem that we don’t see until it is too late. I bought bitdefender some years ago, and it has never let me down. I wouldn’t invest my money in any other type of antivirus.

  • This is a great contest! I haven’t had the best–or the worst–experiences with security. I’ve tried so many programs, but nothing yet has wowed me. I’d love to win this contest because I am in dire need of a new laptop from which I can blog better!

  • I’ve had a lot of issues with hacking and viruses on my computer. My accounts get hacked into all the time even though I change my passwords a lot, and I always seem to get a virus and don’t have good antivirus software to protect me! I would love to be the winner so I could have a great computer that is secure!

  • My computer issue was pretty serious because when I got hacked, the perpetrators took over a thousand dollars out of my Paypal account. Ever since then, security has been a chief concern of mine, but I still know little about it.

  • I just had someone on facebook pretend to be a friend of mine. They actually opened up a second account and was adding their friends one by one talking about a big surprise. I noticed it sounded fishy and asked them a question about my friend they didn’t know how to answer. I guess email is getting to the point where they saturate it with these false lotto winning claims, and beneficiary claims, trying to get you to login to your band on their site. All kinds of traps but you learn to recognize it after awhile, they have been on ebay now facebook. It is crazy, well I have a disability and help some friends out using the web a laptop in my room sure would help.

  • I should be considered to be the winner of this contest because trust and loyalty above.
    1. Internet Security is a very important aspect to me and I trust Bitdefender for that.
    2. I have been using Bitdefender Internet Security on my computer from almost 4 years now. Never, I have faced a problem as it is always up-to-date and keeps my PC safe.
    3. Being an adherent user of Bitdefender, I have suggested it to my colleague and all.
    4. I just love their products and their efforts in making Internet a safe place to everyone.

  • I should be considered to be the winner of this contest because trust and loyalty belown:
    1. Internet Security is a very important aspect to me and I trust Bitdefender for that.
    2. I have been using Bitdefender Internet Security on my computer from almost 4 years now. Never, I have faced a problem as it is always up-to-date and keeps my PC safe.
    3. Being an adherent user of Bitdefender, I have suggested it to my colleague and all.
    4. I just love their products and their efforts in making Internet a safe place to everyone.

  • One of my clients does WordPress Security and I am amazed at the things I have seen. It’s so important to stay secure online. I should be the winner because not only do I need a new laptop lol but this would be just another means of security for my business. Win Win!

  • I am in dire need of a new laptop to run my business. I have had minor security issues in the past but fear my income could be severely curtailed by being hacked. I am anxious to see how Bitdefender compares to the security software I use now.

  • I would LOVE to win! My only security experience is with whomever my Internet Provider is supporting. It is free that way, but I feel you get what you pay for. I am on my 3rd computer in 5 years due to Viruses. I REALLY should upgrade.

  • My laptop is old and cranky, a new one with bitDefender AV installed would be heavenly.

    Thanks and LIKED on my Facebook.

    Chief Web Content Provider
    G34 Media

  • My netbook is giving me headaches from staring at the screen for too many hours. A laptop could really help my eyesight! Also, I work in public places a lot and really need to protect my computer more.

    Heading off to LIKE you now!

  • I have had two severe viruses get by my security software. they were so bad I had to boot from disk both times.

    The reason I should win one of the Dell Inspiron laptops with BitDefender Total Security is that my computer is from 2005, its keyboard does not work so I have to lug around a keyboard, and one of the viruses wiped out the battery area so the computer needs to be plugged in all the time.

    And on top of that when ever I start to do anything fun at all, the computer overheats and shuts down. It is time for an amazing new computer with brilliant security!

    And a sympathy play follows(though the following is true): I am unable to purchase a new computer myself because I have an illness that keeps me from being able to work (even for myself).

  • Since my computer is a dinosaur, bought in 2003, I am extremely concerned about security issues. I’m constantly updating programs, but my husband just recently told me that Microsoft will not be supporting the Windows program that I have after next year. So I really need a new computer.

  • running a small home network with a mix of ancient dell pc’s running xp and an inspiron that I LOVE, I’ve used all kind of AV software, including an older verson of Bitdefender a while back, which worked very well. So, winning a computer with this preloaded would be a real treat. Security is a high priority to me! Thanks for providing this contest.

  • Virus, I’ve gotten one; adware and malware, I’ve gotten those too. Security is of great concern to me, and I want the best. I just wouldn’t be without it on any computer. Now I’ll tweet and like. Thanks!

  • I’d love to win the Dell laptop with Bitdefender. I’m starting an online business and the laptop I have is very unstable. It’s crashed several times and I’ve been afraid I’d lost a lot of info. Luckily, I found a computer geek who was able to restore it, each time. There were always viruses at play.

    This is my second laptop and I’ve said for some time that my next one will be a Dell. I’ve heard nothing but good reports about Dell.

    My promise to myself is that as soon as I can afford it, I’m getting a Dell laptop, but hope this one holds out until then.
    And to have one with Bitdefender, well, that would be the ultimate.

  • I once got a virus that imitated my current anti virus and disabled all functions on my computer. I had to do a manual shut down, get on my phone to research what I had been hacked with, start up in safe mode and get rid of it. Huge pain in the butt!! Bit defender sounds like it would be great to have, as would a new laptop! Thanks for doing a giveaway!!

  • I currently have Bitdefender installed on my old laptop. Unfortunately, when my mother was using it, she ended up accessing a site that attempted to instal a virus on my computer. Luckily, thanks to Bitdefender, no harm came to my laptop! You guys are awesome.

  • I should win the laptop cause i am winning it for my freind raising her sisters twin babies. her laptop is broke and i promised her i would try my hardest to win her one. She is trying to get her own business going cause she make minimum wage cleaning for molly maids. Please let me help her!! :)

  • we were using an an old Dell pc,even with an Anti virus(Not Bitdefender) it was destroy by virus,we explain to our dad telling him that it was a virus,but he just snub us,this has affected me a lot cos,i can only surf the net on my mobile phone,so i will be very happy to win the Dell laptop,with also the best antivirus software! That’s cool!

  • My wife’s computer is on its last legs, and money is tight since we have to live apart for the next year! Two rents, two utility bills, two everything. She needs the computer for work, but it’s nearly at its end. Winning would solve a really big problem for us. Thanks, bitDefender!

  • I have awesome friends who are not so awesome with their internet browsing skills. Frequently they either get hacked or signup for things that turn out to be dangerous malware sites and I constantly am heading over to help them save their computer, or worse, help them start from scratch (which I have gotten quite good at). If I’m picked to receive this product I will be able to test it out and then encourage my friends to buy it too saving me valuable time and saving their valuable data. pick me please!

  • I’d love to win the Dell laptop with Bitdefender. With all the things messing with my computers world nowdays it needs all the protection it can get.

  • I run a repair shop and when looking for a document on balancing wheels, I get a virus. Not only does it shut down my computer, it also shuts down my business. Already we are tight, and I would love to have a software that protects not only the computer but the business as well.

  • I had computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses,rootkits, spyware,adware, etc while using Norton, AVG and McAfee. By winning and proven BitDefender can prevent these, I will promote your software.

  • Sometimes I think my computer is being entirely driven by secret virus programs. I hate those evil viruses and the bozo’s that create them. Boooh. It’s bad enough we have bugs and viruses in real life; why do people think we need them in our computers too. Thankfully, people like Bitdefender want to keep us safe and bring down the hammer on those wicked virus villains.

  • i have had many encounters with viruses and other malwares and spywares. the last encounter was just 2 weeks back. i lost my very important documents, presentations and other imp stuff. i even had to make a clean install of my windows. i have tried nearly every antivirus programs but none of them satisfied and i didn’t purchased any of them. i want to give a shot to bitdefender and i think this is the best option if i get a laptop with bitdefender totally free……

  • My computer has been running very slow since few days ago and it looks like I have been infected by a spyware which my Avast anti-virus could not detect. I am in desperate need of Bit Defender.

  • I’m tired of the bloatware that you get from Norton, Trend and McAffe. I’m looking for somehting more intelligent and doe not interfere with what I want to do on my computer.

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