Why Sales Leaders Are Falling In Love With Social Selling

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  • While social media can be useful for prospecting, it is far less useful for building relationships. Phones will always be the most effective way for first contact because of the human aspect that gets lost in electronic methods.

    • Good point Matt – I’d say face to face will always be the most effective. Phone is definitely great as well for building the relationship but you can never replace face to face interaction.

  • Great article, Ross. I am sorry Matt, I have to graciously disagree with you. I meet 100% of my clients first through LinkedIn. These clients are from all over the world now; India, Dubai, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Pakistan and of course the U.S. LinkedIn allows you to begin building relationships with those you are interested in connecting with. It expedites the relationship building process because they go to your page and learn about you before ever connecting. I have a true interest in knowing who I am reaching out to and what they are all about before ever doing it. I have over a 95% success rate of individuals accepting my connection request. From there it leads to appreciative inquiry and that’s where the dialog begins. From there I have over an 80% success rate of setting up a phone call or a face-to-face GoToMeeting. I prefer GoToMeeting because it’s so much more personal. Here’s the best part, Matt. The relationship has already begun to take shape. That first call or face to face is so much more powerful because your not trying to feel each other out. I don’t believe cold calling a client is anywhere near as effective as LinkedIn. I have done both and I will stick with LinkedIn any day of the week.

    Best to you,

  • Matt, I’m surprised by the “far less useful for building relationships” comment too. I’ve been successfully building relationships with partners and potential clients over both LinkedIn and Twitter. One of my best B2B networking relationships came from Twitter… I think it really comes down to how we as individuals are using social.

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