A New Wave Of Social Selling: Defining The Social Lead

Social media continues to change the way we do business. It’s changing how we interact with our customers, partners, suppliers and even our colleagues. It’s changed the way we do business and has changed the way we tell our brands story. It’s what has ultimately developed and inspired the concept of social selling.

For years, we’ve looked at the concept of a business lead through the lens of a transaction. We’ve looked at a lead as a potential sales opportunity. Yet, in the past, we didn’t live in a world that was as connected as it is today. Right now. As you read this text, there are potentially hundreds of conversations about your industry, brand and offering. Some of these conversations will be highly relevant to your business while others will be nothing more than noise. Conversations that are relevant and clear engagement opportunities are what we define as a Social Lead.

Social leads are what LeadSift (the folks behind this infographic) delivers on a daily basis. It sifts through the noise to find the signals that are true business opportunities for brands. Social leads are found in the millions of conversations happening on social media. It’s the act in which a user posts on Twitter that they’re trying to decide between Brand A and Brand B. It’s when someone tweets that they’re unsure whether or not they should switch from one service provider to another. It’s real business opportunities that are being missed daily.

This slideshow will highlight various insights and trends that can help you recognize a social lead when you see one.

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