LinkedIn Killed the Cold Call

It’s a testament to the rise of social selling. The world of sales is shifting and LinkedIn Sales Solutions is at the front of the movement. Just a couple months ago I recorded a video explaining why LinkedIn is the best platform for social selling.

For those of you that have not read the recent blog post in Forbes, the cold call is dead thanks to LinkedIn. Thanks to a vocal ecosystem that talks about the issues facing sales professionals everywhere, a planned webinar by Vorsight and titled “The Science of Using LinkedIn for Cold Calling” kicked of a series of articles that ended up going viral on Forbes.

The dialing for dollars mentaility that many sales organizations still employ is going extinct. The ROI of this activity pales in compairison to the new breed of sales that uses social media tools like LinkedIn to identify relationships within targeted companies to get introductions and referrals.

A healthy debate was put together a day after the Forbes post on a Google+ Hangout and the results were clear by the end. LinkedIn has made the need for cold calling obsolete, TeamLink and the LinkedIn database when used together are a force to be reckoned with. Cracking the LinkedIn sales code is becoming more beneficial to sales people than any other blitz dialing or generic teleprospecting campaigns.

Here is the history thread of the Cold Calling & LinkedIn events:

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Steve Masters began with this article published on Business2Community (B2C):

If you want to be a reputable, organic marketer, use social networks in the right way, which is the way others on the network want them to be used. No one likes cold calls. Most people on LinkedIn don’t like random strangers contacting them. The very notion that LinkedIn should be used to target members for cold calling is frustrating, but for someone to publicise that they are doing it is ridiculous.

Ken Krogue replied on Forbes:

LinkedIn was intended to warm up the sales process through referrals, relationships, recommendations, groups, discussions, sales intelligence, rapport.

Not cold calling … warm calling; ideally through existing relationships.


Ken Krogue hosted a live Google Hangout with Gabe Villamizar, Steve Richard & Ralf VanSosen:

Steve Masters replied to Ken Krogue’s Forbes & Google Hangout:

Ralf VonSosen heads up the sales and marketing for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product. He said, “Poor email techniques, poor calling techniques… those kinds of thing are amplified by tools like LinkedIn. So if you suck, you are gonna suck tremendously using LinkedIn.”

He added, that you need to keep that customer in mind and think, “If I’m not doing something that I know is going to be received as beneficial in terms of ‘I’ve read the updates by this individual’ or ‘I know the groups that he belongs to’ or ‘I have a common individual that can introduce me’…

“I think I can draw another hard line and say anything that is not you being introduced to someone else by a common acquaintance, that’s cold.”

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  • LinkedIn and other social channels are great tools for positioning and prospecting calls delivering customer centric value. Nothing beats quality research and client referrals. No need to be cold engage with value.

  • Ken Krogue says:


    Great summary of the series of discussions, articles, and Google Hangout on the Cold Calling and LinkedIn use that went to #1 Most Popular on all of Forbes.


  • Adam Check says:


    LinkedIn is a good resource for learning about and contacting prospects that you have already identified. But it is not a good tool for locating new, unknown, opportunities. The next level of social selling tools (primarily those that offer trigger events like OneSource’s platforms) are the first tool I grab in my toolbox.

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