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Epic List of Sales Leaders on Twitter

One of the perks of my job is that I get an opportunity to learn from some of the best people in B2B sales. There are so many great people that I wanted to write this blog post to share them with all of you. These people share so many great posts that you would have to dedicate an entire week just to get through all of it.

These people are in no paticular order but all should be followed if you want to learn how to excell in B2B sales. There are som marketing leaders included only because I believe that all great sales people practice marketing on some level. With this list of sales leaders you should be on your way to becoming an expert in social selling.

If someone is missing from this list add them into the comments below.

NameTwitter Profile
Barbara Giamanco@barbaragiamanco
Kurt Shaver@salesfoundry
Jill Konrath@jillkonrath
Reality Works Group@realityworksgrp
George Albert@mysales4life   
Richardson Company@RichardsonSales
David A Brock@davidabrock
Sales Benchmark Index@MakingTheNumber
ZS Associates@ZSAssociates
CEB News & Insights@CEB_News
Jill Rowley@jill_rowley
Craig Rosenberg@fillthefunnel
Karin Bellantoni@BlueprintSMS
Jim Domanski@TelesalesExpert
Terri Dunevant@wincourage
Gary S. Hart@SalesDuJour
Social Selling@SocialSelling
Mark Hunter@thesaleshunter
S. Anthony Iannarino@iannarino
Jim Keenan@keenan
Jerry Kennedy@jerrykennedy
Richardson Company@RichardsonSales
Alen Mayer, CSP@mayeralen
Paul McCord@paul_mccord
Kelly McCormick@KellyMcCormick_
Nancy Nardin@sellingtools
Andy Paul@ZeroTimeSelling
Don F Perkins@donfperkins
Lori Richardson@scoremoresales
Kelly Riggs@KellyRiggs
Steven Rosen@StevenARosen
Richard Ruff@saleshorizons
Todd Schnick@toddschnick
Tibor Shanto@TiborShanto
Irreverent Sales Girl@iSalesGirl
Babette Ten Haken@babettetenhaken
Robert Terson@RobertTerson
Ken Thoreson@KenThoreson
Dan Waldschmidt@danwaldo
Mike Weinberg@mike_weinberg
Koka Sexton@kokasexton
Kathleen Steffey@SalesJournal
Tamara Schenk@tamaraschenk
Forrester Research@forrester
Sirius Decisions@siriusdecisions
B2B Lead Roundtable@b2bleadblog
Jonathan Farrington@TopSalesWorld
Jeff Ogden@fearlesscomp
Anneke Seley@annekeseley
Linkedin for Sales@linkedinselling
Eyes On Sales@eyesonsales
Sam Richter@samrichter
Matt Heinz@heinzmarketing
B2B Sales@B2BSales
Josiane Feigon@JosianeFeigon
Nancy Bleeke@SalesProInsider
Colleen Francis@cfrancisvoice
Colleen Stanley@EiSelling

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  1. Koka,

    Tremendous list of the folks I follow and learn so much from. I’m honored to be included. Thanks for pulling this tremendous resource together.

    Best wishes,


  2. Awesome list! Thanks so much for including me. I feel honored to be part of such a stellar list of sales folks!

  3. Matt Heinz says:

    Great list, thanks for pulling it together and thanks also for including me! Would be awesome if this was downloadable as a CSV so we can bulk-add these great thought leaders to our Twitter accounts too.

  4. Another name I should have added was Trish Bertuzzi

  5. Koka, great list! Thanks for including Richardson. Mike

  6. Dave Brock says:

    Koka, I’m so flattered to be included in this list. Some others that I follow closely are:

    Mike Kunkle @mike_kunkle
    Tim Ohai @timohai
    Charles H Green @charleshgreen
    Dave Stein @davestei
    Jack Malcolm @jackmalcolm
    Bob Thompson @bob_thompson
    Paul Castain @paulcastain
    Jeb Blount @salesgravy
    Francine Allaire @francineallaire
    Keith Rosen @keithrosen
    Matt Dixon @matthewxdixon
    Ron Karr @ronkarr
    Brian MacIver @palayo
    Openview Venture Labs @openview_labs
    Joanne Black @referralsales

  7. Love being included. Thank you. Add BOB BURG to your list ASAP ;-)


  8. Julles says:

    Don’t forget to add @Ricky_Eldorado !

  9. Great list.

    I’d add in:

    Bob Apollo @bobapollo
    Nikolaus Kimla @@kimlanikolaus

  10. Thank you, Kola – I am flattered that you included me on the list. Appreciate it – Dick

  11. Elio Gatto says:

    Koka, Great list of social sales leaders! Thx for sharing. @eliogatto

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