Is Your Brand at Risk of Missing the Social Commerce Revolution?

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  • Great article. I think one of the keys for those looking at using social commerce successfully is creating a good user experience which entails making use of the tools and social aspect of a social network site as opposed to just trying to replicate the features of a business web store.

    • Thanks Shane. I agree user experience is key and that it’s important to use the tools of the social platform. I think that’s what makes Soldsie work so well for FB since it provides a great user experience and uses comments, a social aspect, for selling/buying.

  • Great article. There seems to be a need missing here though. Large brands looks to not only sell but run contests, charirty drives, etc should all be able to do be done through in-stream social media as a conversion. Here comes Chirpify who does this. Allows large brands to active hashtags for instant commerce conversion without leaving social media sites.

    • Thanks Jessica. I don’t have much experience with Chirpify but I’ll definitely take a look as it seems that they’re also getting the social aspect of selling down for Twitter.

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