5 Ways To Make Social Selling Your Customer’s Idea

Customer IdeaThere should be little doubt that social media can be very good for business. When a website or blog visitor shares your web content on Google Plus, likes it on Facebook, or tweets about it on Twitter, it boosts your online reach. Not only does it increase website traffic, but it can also increase lead generation and improve search engine rankings. Today, most consumers like to “buy” rather than be “sold”, so let’s look at 5 ways to make social selling your customer’s idea.

1. Deliver High Quality Content

Your content marketing strategy, whether it is traditional marketing, e-mail marketing, or other forms of digital marketing, should revolve around the term “relevance”. Google has made it quite clear that it will only promote web content that is relevant, informative, original, and current. The same people who are typing words in the search box are the ones having social conversations with their relatives, friends and co-workers in social media sites. You must deliver content that is worthy of being shared.

2. Build a Strong Network But Not Too Quickly

When it comes to social selling, a larger social network is not always better. Social media can be a powerful tool for increasing your visibility, but don’t forget you are also trying to build relationships. Some companies will do just about anything to get more fans and followers, but “likes” doesn’t equal sales. A small network of followers who are interested in what you have to offer is far better than millions of fans who have absolutely no interest and, in some cases, may not even be real.

3. Be a Good Listener and Don’t Forget To Thank People

Again, your primary goal in your social media marketing strategy is to build honest, loyal relationships with as many people as you can. People will be discussing products and services they like and those they aren’t quite sold on yet. You must be prepared for negative comments and be able to respond to them in a very positive and polite manner.People want to be appreciated and to feel that their business is of some value.

4. Engage Your Audience

Many companies, like Starbucks, use social media and other sites to ask for customer ideas, recommendations, and opinions. If you have earned the confidence and loyalty of your social network, they will actually give you ideas that you can implement to make your business better.

5. Be Transparent and Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics

People buy from those they can trust and they don’t trust businesses who use social media to deliver a hard sales pitch. Of the millions of people using social media everyday, more than likely there wasn’t even one who logged in to buy anything. People want honesty and transparency and no one should have to guess who you are and what you do. Once you begin publishing content that is widely shared, your social media clout will rise. As more and more people start trusting you, sales will also rise. Producing this type content can be challenging. It takes dedication, creativity, a unique perspective, and excellent writing skills. Remember, social selling wasn’t your idea; the customer simply wanted to buy. If you need to better understand customer relationship management or simply want to become more familiar with social selling, contact us today and we’ll help you make sure your message gets to the right audience.

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