5 Tips For Getting Started With Social Selling

If you haven’t noticed there has been quite a bit of buzz around a recent trend in the sales world that involves the adoption of social media strategies for business – social selling.

Savvy sales people are realizing that social media provides them with the opportunity to engage, deliver authentic and timely messages, and create invaluable one-on-one relationships with potential buyers. Social networks also provide the ability for sales teams to better understand potential buyers: their needs and what other products their considering. With all this information now available at sales people’s fingertips, it’s no wonder why so many companies are transforming their sales teams into social selling machines.

Some best practices to consider when getting started with social selling:

  • Use social media to better understand your prospective buyer. By simply doing some research in social channels, sales people may be able to uncover potential buyers’ interests and needs which can be extremely valuable when trying to make a connection.
  • Stop selling and add value. They’re called social networks, not selling networks for a reason. Who wants to be sold to on LinkedIn or Twitter? Hint: Very few people. Be human and be social. Always add value when engaging on social channels by providing helpful information, answering questions, and engaging in intellectual conversations.
  • Develop and maintain a deep network of relationships. People want to do business with people they trust and social media can help sales people build more trusted relationships.
  • Practice social listening. It’s important not to overlook the importance of listening. Sales people can glean significant information from listening in social channels. By monitoring industry terms and competitors, sales people can uncover beneficial information like buyers purchase intent.
  • Be relevant. This also goes back to the point on ‘stop selling’. Don’t hop in a conversation to pitch your product. Stay current on social media and marketing news by following relevant sources and influencers. This helps to ensure that the content you share will not only be unique but also timely and relevant.

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