3 Social Selling Tips To Increase Customers

Social SellingSocial selling is a new discipline, and an efficient way to communicate and deal with more customers. Gone are the days where handing out business cards was the end-all and be-all. Social media selling is what is happening now and involves using social networking sites to target and build relationships with potential customers. It involves understanding the process of selling and buying and how to optimize it for more connected and better informed customers. Below are 3 tips to get you off on the right track with social selling.

Be Presentable

If you are targeting customers, they are doing the same with you or at least with what you are selling. However, the more you get yourself out there, the more people will be looking for you. Take a minute to Google yourself. If after you type your name you see the first photograph being you at a beer party or something bizarre, it is time to change things up a bit and get a more professional identity. Being presentable and coming across as a professional is crucial for business success, especially in social media.

Minimize Selling

You want to do more than pitch your products to your potential customers on social media sites; it is about branding yourself, building trust, nourishing relationships and interacting with your potential customers. Provide your audience with stats or stories relevant to your business. You can even share information about your competition with your customers, which will build character and show confidence. If done correctly, you will gain customer loyalty and respect.

Enable Sharing

Sharing is a big thing on social media sites. Once you have identified where your potential customers are, encourage them to share your content. Allow them to share your content on other websites and blogs by adding widgets. Explore different locations for these widgets on different pages of your website. Also, you can even place widgets on your thank you pages once an order has been made or on your confirmation emails. Share other peoples content too so they will reciprocate which will give you more exposure.

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