Your “Social Media” Budget? Social Media Is MEDIA!

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  • This is a GREAT article and well written.

    I spent 10+ years in the television industry putting commercials on the air for companies like Kraft, P&G, Pfizer, etc and it amazed me that they would pay the money they pay for PAST results and not today’s results. Yes, they could get makegoods to get back to a zero balance but it just seemed backwards to me because campaigns ended and there are other costs besides getting to even.

    Today as a partner in a web design and digital agency I get these questions all the time and I relay the same responses that are in this post. This is what is happening today and it shouldn’t replace ALL of your other types of marketing but it needs to be included and considered a powerful medium.

    Thank you for the post and now I have another resource to point to when this question comes up.

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